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On April 30, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on Airbnb vs COVID: The battle for community and connections! :

Thanks for the post! It is interesting to see how Airbnb quickly responded to COVID-19 with innovative solutions. I believe this will strength the network and the brand image. I personally had very bad experiences with Airbnb specially with cancelations with short notice, I think that if the company takes this opportunity to strengthen its customer engagement and service it will be worth the effort. Regarding the initiative “building connection over the world” I found fascinating and that can really be a game changer as far as they are able to convert connections into transactions. I would certainly be interested in connecting with hosts in places where I usually visit, this will improve the trust in the system!

On April 30, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on MasterClass: The future of “edutainment” :

Great Post! I really enjoyed. I agree that the celebrities lectures are great and work as an introductory course in some interesting fields. As you correctly pointed, the short videos match the short attention spam we increasingly have. Offering more advanced courses will be a key step going forward and I am curious to know how they would do that. Interaction with celebrities is also something not easy to do, maybe the company could offer to subscribers some special treatment in the celebrities social media for instance, as a VIP access in the same channel they interact with millions of users.

On April 30, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on Teladoc Health: A Clear Winner During (and After) COVID-19 :

Thanks for the great post Esteban!
Is interesting to see how Teladoc used COVID-19 lockdown to expand its business model and reach a broader customer base. I personally believe that telemedicine will be a key driver to reduce health cost in the future. Beyond the concerns and desire to avoid crowded places, I think the service will show some value for customers that just don’t like or don’t have time to visit a doctor. The success will depend, however, on how the company can leverage other solutions like devices that can do more sophisticated diagnostics remotely, I am optimistic though as we think of smart devices and internet of things, the future seems promising. I would definitely be a patient!

Great Post Matt. I liked especially your idea of “Wine-as-a-Service” to capture the value of the process improvement beyond the Brand value. Overall, I am a strong believer that art and technology can live together, so, as technology becomes cheaper, other vineyards can implement it. I think also the next step for them is to expand data analytics and AI to link customer preferences to the production process, maybe they can get customers feedback and introduce it in the production process so wines are more customized?

On April 20, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on Blue Yonder – Intelligence in Supply Chain Management :

Thanks for sharing Nicolas!. I have spent 10 years working in supply chain management and I enjoyed your post, as Blue Yonder approach tackles many challenges I faced myself. Very interesting their response to COVID and I agree that nobody could have seen that coming. I am optimistic about the company, though, as I strongly believe supply chain management will have to change to accommodate the emergence of global pandemics, but I also believe the level of global sourcing will not change, so AI will be essential to create resilience.

On April 20, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on Hello Barbie – AI Making Children’s Dreams Come True :

Great Post Loti. As a father of two girls, I must confess that I am scared of this kind of technology, obviously the privacy issues (that I believe can be solved) but more on the AI side, and responses to sensitive questions, but I believe we cannot stop progress. One idea to address a parent’s concern would be to offer different personalities of Barbies, more conservative or more progressive, for instance, according to the parent’s preference ; )

On March 21, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on The Beaver that Brings On-Demand Beauty Services to Your Home :

Thanks for sharing Jack! I agree that the business model is challenging. An idea for diversification would be to explore also the B2B channel, connecting service providers with small beauty shops and salons; providing free-lancer workers to complement their workforce in some peak times. I owned a small urban spa and I know how hard is to balance the supply of professionals with the seasoned demand, and finding good professionals is always hard. Services providers would probably make less money but they could have a more stable income ant that could be another revenue stream for Beaver, at least until Robots are in the market ; ).

On March 21, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on Upwork: In Demand Talent On Demand :

Thanks for sharing, great analysis!
I have been following this company in the past years and agree with your comments. I used to hire free lancers for my small business and the experience was always good, but I experienced many times the free lancers willing to go offline and work directly with the client, specially for medium size projects around $ 10K, so disintermediation is really a concern. Upwork has been adding some additional services for both sides like project management tools and certification/training for free lancers and they will need to continue to strengthen this network effect in the following years.

On March 21, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on ZUBALE – Revolutionizing retail execution in LatAm :

Great post James, thanks for sharing! I found very interesting Zubale’s business model and one of the questions I have is if this platform could be expanded to attend small retail businesses as well. Why only big retailers? maybe a driver for growth would be providing this additional workforce/free lancers with some expertise in retail operation to small stores as well. Small businesses have less capacity to hire workers and usually have to rely on overtime of existing workers, owners or family members. By using the platform they would be able to ramp up service quickly when demand requires to (for example, holidays, weekends, etc). On the flipside, I see also a risk of regulatory backlash for them in some Latam countries with very strict labor regulations (as Argentina and Brazil).

On February 9, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on Mercado Libre: a winner in Latin America :

Thanks for sharing the article Andres. I agree Mercado Libre has been disrupting the retail industry for a long time now, I think the company has succeeded in creating a platform that is at the same time simple, informal and reliable. It creates a community of buyers and sellers that gives them a competitive advantage. I also agree they will have to watch as Amazon grows in the region and they need to anticipate further innovations in the industry, but they have some competitive edge that will give them some space.

On February 9, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on Flexport: Disrupting international freight shipment :

Great article Xu, Flexport is coming to bring a disruption that is long overdue in the international trade/logistics industry. I worked in the industry for 15 years and there are many barriers for the incumbents to innovate, however, the opportunities are huge and a startup is probably well-positioned to do that. It will be interesting to see how Flexport gets traction and gain muscles and scale to expand its operations, It will be key for them to have more players connected and serve a larger network of clients and shippers.

On February 9, 2020, Reinaldo Fioravanti commented on IKEA: Digitzing supply chains to win on customer experience :

Great Megan, thanks for sharing! I was impressed with the relevance of the food service in IKEA’s revenue. I think the idea of leveraging the supply chain efficiency developed for the furniture business to the food supply chain is brilliant. Integrating IT and business processes for both supply chains makes a lot of sense! Maybe in the near future IKEA can deliver its meatballs to our homes?