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On April 30, 2018, M commented on Brewing a Successful Future at Nespresso? :

Great post! I wonder if the Nespresso app will be used frequently. Given the number of apps people have, do they have the capacity/headspace to keep up with ordering pods and going on the app? Similar to the comments above, I wonder what the enterprise strategy looks like given that most individuals experience Nespresso at work. This could provide more exposure and draw individuals to purchase ones for their home.

Thanks for the post! I think it is important to attract the younger millennials who will be the main drivers of alcohol consumption in the future. I would be curious to see how their engagement has changed with the existing customer base (who may be older). Does this type of packaging and marketing appeal to them? Will this initiative attract one group but deter another?

On April 30, 2018, M commented on Wayfair – A Zillion Things Home :

Thanks for the post! The Comppany seems to acknowledge weaknesses or gaps pretty quickly and is able to adapt. I think the logistics aspect will become even more important over time as competitors such as Amazon and Overstock put more emphasis and money on home goods and larger items. Being able to ship quickly and damage-free will create a virtuous cycle for the Company

Great post! I wonder what implications the MyFitnessPal hack will have on not only application usage, but the brand itself? If consumers decide to stop using the app, can the Company still create innovative products if they don’t have as clear a view on what consumers do and want?

Great post! While this could help companies better anticipate HR needs, I wonder if having this software could hurt their hiring attractiveness? In other words, would candidates even apply to these companies knowing that they conducted or relied on this data?

On April 9, 2018, M commented on The Most Data Driven Salad You Will Ever Eat :

Great post! I wonder how the Company is approaching menu design. While I think it is helpful to know what customers are ordering to gauge popularity and reduce waste, is SweetGreen also using the data to test new products? Is there a happy medium between having consumers drive the menu and creating innovative items that consumers didn’t know they wanted?

Great article. I think these types of crowdsourcing activities require curation and ongoing monitoring. Companies should be mindful of different outcomes and design the process to minimize these brand diluting activities.

On March 25, 2018, M commented on Volition: Democratizing Beauty :

Great article. I would be interested in seeing the relationship between vote popularity and actual sales – do voters actually go out and purchase these products? Does the Company do outreach to inform users about product launches and where to buy?

Very interesting article. I think the two-step process is critical to make sure that Pepsi remains in control of their brand image. I do have questions over the long-term sustainability of the product. As you mentioned, snack foods have decreased in popularity and sales among consumers – can Pepsi maintain profitability/sales in these novel flavors over time?

On March 5, 2018, M commented on Seamless: The Cost of Convenience :

It was really interesting to hear your thoughts. Amazon and UberEats have come into the market and have offered to provide the drivers. This could lower the delivery barriers for restaurants. While there are some adjustments that still need to be made to their models, they could present a real challenge to Seamless. I wonder if the prevalence of more delivery platforms will decrease the fees for restaurants (in order to attract more restaurants to their platform).

On March 5, 2018, M commented on ZocDoc: Finding a doctor when you need one! :

Great post! I wonder if ZocDoc could form a partnership with insurance companies to gain exclusivity with doctors. I wonder if there are ways to streamline the reimbursement process, payments, and scheduling check-ups to make it more sticky for doctors as well.

On March 5, 2018, M commented on Can OpenTable survive, or is it losing popularity? :

Very interesting post. I’ve seen other similar apps come out into the market such as Seated (which pays users to go to a restaurant). I think so long as customers find value in the platform, restaurants will want to stay on the platform to get access to that valuable group of customers. I am interested in seeing how delivery apps and platforms will impact OpenTable especially with the high costs to operate a restaurant. Will restaurants focus less on reservations and more on a delivery business?

On February 1, 2018, M commented on Juicero: how much would you pay for your juice? :

This was really interesting to read about and watch. It seems that customer testing and greater scrutiny over the job to be done could have predicted its future. This could also demonstrate the negative impact from the vast amounts of dry powder in the market and the need to deploy capital in an environment with fewer viable investments. As a startup that is able to quickly raise capital, it may be blinded into assuming that the business model has legs when it doesn’t.

On February 1, 2018, M commented on Amazon | To Go Or Not To Go :

I wonder why Amazon has decided to build out Amazon Go stores given their acquisition of Whole Foods. This “cashier-less” model would be incredibly helpful to Whole Foods given their large perishable offering, which would free up more associates to engage in stocking, customer service, and other roles in the store. It seems as though Whole Foods has a lot to gain from this type of technology.

I definitely agree that Starbucks has positioned itself well among its competitors. I wonder if increased personalization and new ways to engage members will create more operational complexities and require more baristas on the payroll to provide this better experience. Can this be offset by pushing more orders online prior to arrival to free up barista time to engage with customers vs taking orders?