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On November 28, 2022, Jiwon Woo commented on ELSA boosts your confidence in speaking English :

Thank you for the post, Lina! When anyone learns a second language, having an app 24/7 listening and checking one’s sentence patterns, topic progression, intonation, word stress, and even word choice during a conversation would be extremely helpful. I wonder UX of the app as most of the language learning features are limited and lack adherence and motivation.

On November 28, 2022, Jiwon Woo commented on Insitro: Discovery New Medicines with AI :

Thank you for the post, Patric! I was very excited to read about Insitro, understanding the difficulties of developing new drugs using traditional approaches and how Insitro uses ML to optimize drug discovery, speeding the process while lowering costs. As you mentioned identifying plausible compounds and quickly testing them to see which regions of chemical space are worth additional exploration to predict what molecules are likely to be good binders to a protein target. If they succeed in their mission with all your necessary steps, they will ultimately become one of the world’s most important drug companies 😀

On November 26, 2022, Jiwon Woo commented on PathAI – Can we create a better, more robust pathologist :

Thank you for the post, Aniruddh! I was really excited when PathAI first got the media’s attention several years ago. As you mentioned, its product can be used for improving drug development through more informed therapeutic use during clinical trials and post-approval and even for expanding gold-standard pathology services to regions that currently do not have access. Over time, it can be positioned to open up new opportunities within pathology and in other fields of medicine and healthcare. They can even move into radiology or genomics capabilities perhaps.

On November 14, 2022, Jiwon Woo commented on Concrete vs. Abstract? :

Very creative inputs, Riya. Craiyon would love short nouns but you gave it very difficult ones. I guess since the “cowardice toothbrush”, “motivated toothbrush”, or “religious toothbrush” is not a common or specifically determinable noun, Craiyon had a hard time without much creativity

So interesting to read your post, Patric. I thought the general ‘look good enough’ factor of Craiyon is just for its depiction of humans, but it seems like for most of its generated images have a somewhat animated look. The resulting images feel like mosaics of American thanksgiving dishes and some Vietnamese dishes put together.

On November 14, 2022, Jiwon Woo commented on Who Let the Dogs Out?? :

Amy, thank you for the post. I assume AI would have a more difficult time analyzing when there are more words (and when they become a phrase or sentences). Interesting to see some dogs have a leash and some do not. Also fun to see how it understood ‘out’ as green fields. I guess some random objects (leaves, balloons, and toys) with dogs show Craiyon’s effort to do a better job 😉

On October 31, 2022, Jiwon Woo commented on Evidation Health: A Platform that Pays You to Track Your Health :

Thank you for the interesting post, Patric. Evidation Health seems like a great example of using its connectivity to people and their data streams to run virtual trials that measure the real-world impact at a scale. I personally see great value in Evidation, (without getting into the specific split) running more than a hundred research programs simultaneously with the app. The promise of real-world data is its ability to generate real-world evidence, which is used to help form a more comprehensive understanding of how a medical intervention impacts human health, potentially leading to better outcomes outside the lab.

On October 31, 2022, Jiwon Woo commented on ToursbyLocals: Connecting Tourists with Authentic, Local Guides :

Great post, Kaitlyn! I actually had not heard about TBL but seems like TBL’s competitors are using similar strategies for their own products. Based on my understanding, TBL is acting as a marketplace that gives you access to individual guides who run their own tours. From the user’s perspective, I wonder how TBL select their tour guides and how guides’ experiences with the company are. I could find countless reviews from travelers but none from tour guides. As the guides set their own prices for tours, the costs of private tours can be quite high I assume.

On October 31, 2022, Jiwon Woo commented on Too Good To Go – the social enterprise tackling global food waste :

Thank you for your posting, Irina! I downloaded the application right after reading your blog post and enjoyed exploring possible ‘surprise bags’ pick-ups around the area where I am living in. I was quite impressed by how TGTG found an intervention point in relation to food waste, and also glad now they are in the US (as 30-40% of the food in America is never eaten and 10% of estimated gas emissions are due to food waste). I wonder if TGTG will eventually make options for dietary choices. Also as a user now, I wonder how each restaurant decides the quality or amount of food and price range between $3.99 ~ $10. Some restaurants had less than a 30min frame for a pick-up time, which can be very difficult I found.

Indeed it is a very special financing model. The number of small businesses and their impact on the Chinese economy are the perfect ecosystem for MicroConnect I assume. Thank you for the clarification! 😀

On October 4, 2022, Jiwon Woo commented on The Weather Company: Using Big Data to Drive Marketing Insights :

Joseph, thank you for the interesting blog post. I use The Weather Channel all the time, but never questioned its business model or strategy. As you mentioned, I think it took a bold but very suitable step for cord-cutting and using big data for customized forecasts. I believe Starbuck also researched on behavioral science to investigate the relationship between the weather and consumer habits. IBM’s acquisition seems like a smooth transition as forecasting is such a complex procedure requiring enormous data.

Yifei, thank you for the post. I was not aware of a business concept like MicroConnect. If I am understanding this correctly, MicroConnect collects money from those receiving the company’s investment, taking a certain proportion of their daily income. This way, small businesses will not be under too much pressure, but if they are in danger, the risks are shared between them and MicroConnect. This seems like a quite complex systematic project. It sets up a network that can access many small and micro firms while building a network enabling investors’ participation. As you mentioned, I am also very curious how the government would react to future changes of MicroConnect  

On October 3, 2022, Jiwon Woo commented on Flo Health: Big Data in “FemTech” :

Patric, this blog posting is extremely helpful for me especially, as I am also working in the FemTech field for my Independent Design Engineering Project. I know a lot of users including myself stopped using Flo after reading about its disclosure of data however, later had to come back using it after all as other menstrual cycle tracking apps were just not in the same stage as Flo’s quality. I also agree with you that Flo needs to have a stronger data safety mechanism. The app limits its user by setting the minimum age at 13, while the average menarche age in the US is 12.