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On November 1, 2015, AK commented on TripAdvisor and the crowds :

Thanks for the post. TripAdvisor is an excellent example showing how user-generated content based monetization strategy can be effectively executed. As you correctly mentioned, it is very important for TripAdvisor to ensure that its reviews and ratings are authentic and genuine. In addition, I think building an ability to offer personalized information to its users will be the next key challenge / opportunity for the company in the near future.

On November 1, 2015, AK commented on goFlow: Crowdsourcing surf reports :

An interesting post; I think goFlow’s approach to applying the crowdsourcing platform to Surfing is an great idea because of the following three reasons. First, the sports has loyal user / fan base, who loves to share their experiences and information with peers. It is unlikely that surfers post / share unreliable information with their peers. Second, the popularity of the sport is quickly being increased in the international market, continually expanding goFlow’s potential user-base. Third, because surfing requires various equipments / apparels, the platform may be expanded to a marketplace for surfers in a long-term. It would be very exciting to see how the app increase and monetizes its user base.

On November 1, 2015, AK commented on Pebble Smartwatch : The Serial Crowdfunded Superstar :

A great post; Pebble Smartwatch is an excellent example that illustrates how powerful / effective crowdfunding can be in creating, marketing, and selling a new product segment. As you correctly mentioned, Pebble Smartwatch’s Kickstarter campaign helped it not only to get enough capital for device production but also to build loyal fan base and to initiate an unique marketing campaign. One concern I have on Pebble Smartwatch’s crowdsourcing based business model is its sustainability. Its deep-pocketed competitors such as Apple and Fitbit will launch an upgraded version of their wearable devices in every year and I am not sure the Pebble’s business model maintains its competitiveness in such shortened product cycle.

Thanks for a great post. As you correctly indicated, allowing users to form a ‘clan’ and, thus, enabling users to actively communicate with each other has been a great way to increase the platform’s stickiness. Moreover, I think Clash of Clan is an example that shows that heavy investment in marketing coupled with the product’s outstanding quality is a way to accelerate the creation of the networking effect. Wonder how Supercell will deal with the trend-sensitive nature of the game industry and maintain the game’s popularity.

On October 5, 2015, AK commented on TripAdvisor: Book the Perfect Trip :

Great read. As you pointed out, TripAdvisor is a good example that shows how consumer-centric approach has created direct network effect via seamless user experience and trusted content. Although many deep-pocketed competitors such as Google, Bing Travel, Exepedia, etc. are trying to expand their presence in the online travel sector, TripAdvisor’s network effect in coupled with its brand power will make its business model sustainable.

On October 5, 2015, AK commented on Zillow’s Reliance on Multiple Network Effects :

An interesting read. As you pointed out, Zillow is a good example which shows that ensuring transparency and customization can be the effective first step to create direct network effect. In addition, I think Zillow has strengthened its network effect by making its user experience seamless via, for instance, bundling various real estate and financial services. I’d like to know if this model is sustainable against the volatility of the real estate sector.

On September 14, 2015, AK commented on Riot Games – A digital winner, but is it revolutionary? :

Great post. As you suggested, Riot may not be a 100% game changer in the game industry; LOL’s genre, a multiplayer online battle arena and real time strategy video game, has long been popular in the PC game market and freemium model is not totally new in the PC / mobile gaming era. I, however, agree with you that how they have perfected their game and effectively managed their user community makes it a digital winner. Moreover, because of its enormous, loyal user base, I believe Riot has much potential to create new opportunities and to become a leading digital innovator. It already has made much impact on growing the in-game communication and the game broadcasting / live-streaming market. As of now, the company seems to pursue a relatively closed ecosystem model to maintain its user experience. In order to grow sustainably and become a true digital innovator, it should find a way to open its game platform to 3rd parties and to maintain its superior gaming experience.

On September 14, 2015, AK commented on Box Is Winning the Digital Enterprise Match :

Great post. I agree that Box is putting much effort to differentiate itself in the content management space which is quickly becoming commoditized. One concern I have for Box is whether it has enough resources to continually compete with another deep pocked competitors. Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive is offering much more free spaces that what Box offers while Dropbox is strengthening its presence in the consumer segment and aggressively expanding to the enterprise market. As you suggested, however, I believe that Box’s effort to establish its own ecosystem via various partnership initiatives along with its recent acquisition of Crocodoc, a start-up which had a leading document rendering technology, will offer Box an opportunity for sustainable growth.

On September 14, 2015, Andrew commented on FT: Keeping up with the times? :

It was an interesting post. As a fan of FT, I think FT will continue to lead the news paper industry’s digital transformation because of its ability to produce high-quality content and its strong brand name among its target customer base. I am still not 100% sure about whether Nikkei’s acquisition of FT would create synergy success, however, considering that FT and Nikkei know each other well thanks had a multi-faceted partnership since 2013 covering content syndication, licensing, training, events, China business, etc., I think that FT can comfortably pursue its strategy initiative without much changes in management or strategic direction.