Generative AI Observatory

“Generative AI” Observatory offers FREE, open to the public online workshops hosted by Harvard Business School’s D^3 Institute.

The Generative AI Observatory offers FREE, open to the public online workshops hosted by the D^3 Institute at Harvard. The future of non-human intelligence is here. It is transforming business and society in ways we can’t yet see or imagine.  The Digital Data Design Institute at Harvard is convening an open-to-the-public working group to explain the opportunities and dilemmas of Generative AI.

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Whether you are pre-trained on the significance and potential applications of this emerging technology or just a blank slate, your processing power is invaluable. We are assembling Harvard faculty, industry experts, practitioners at every stage of their careers, entrepreneurs and creators in order to shape the course of this innovative moment.

Our work begins with a series of sessions exploring the deep questions raised by this technology and will then turn to focus on specific industry applications such as marketing, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and more.  The series kicks off in May. 

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