The last dance of Just-in-Time?

A Tsunami struck Japan in March 2011 generating a collapse of Toyota supply chain. Starting in 2011, Toyota decided to completely revise its famous Toyota Production System and forced suppliers to hold a few months’ worth of inventory, threatening the entire philosophy of Just-in-Time. In 2015, Toyota was satisfied of its revised production system and ready to deal with future hits. Toyota didn’t know that the second biggest earthquake in the modern history of Japan would soon arrive.

How to Rent Your Neighbor’s Tesla with Getaround

Getaround is the self-proclaimed “Airbnb of cars”. Development of smartphones and location-based technology has driven development of the sharing economy. New peer-to-peer car rental services threaten a market dominated by the big three (Avis, Enterprise, and Hertz) and threaten car manufacturers in the longer term[1].

Launch of the Toyota Mirai

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Toyota’s operations have been fundamentally affected in two main ways by climate change: Changing consumer preferences: As an automotive producer, Toyota is vulnerable to the fluctuations in the price and supply of fossil fuels. Higher and more variable costs of […]

General Motors- death of a dinosaur?

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Will General Motors be around for the next hundred years? GM continues to lag behind its competitors as the business model fosters slow decision making and additional costs. As a former employee, I believe GM is in the right direction but it has a long way to go.