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On December 1, 2017, Giovanni commented on Mexico Pushes for a Successful Trilateral NAFTA :

Really interesting article, thanks for writing this! As European citizen, i definitely see and know all the benefits related to a free-trade area. On the other side, i have seen so many industries shifting production from my home country to exploit reduced cost-of-labor prices and favourable taxation schemes. Moreover, we have seen nowadays how the threat of NAFTA forced many companies in the automotive industries to enlarge or to plan new investments in the USA, giving profound and long-lasting benefits to the communities involved. Due to these different side of the same coins, I’m wondering if a new NAFTA agreement is truly necessary or if we should leave the market decide how to allocate capital, resources and profits. I’m truly convinced that overall, the benefit of a free-trade areas more than compensate for the potential losses, but i would love to hear your opinion on this topic.

Hi Angela, great article! We really live in a time in which isolationism is playing the role of the lion in forcing companies to redefine their strategy. In particular, i like the topic you chose for its complexity both in terms of production sites, spanning from China to Mexico and USA, and in terms of overall benefit for the planet and the environment. In particular, i’m worried that due to these isolationistic policies, we are not only damaging SunPower, but the overall energy ecosystem. On the other side, we have seen already how in many other industries (E.g., Automotive with Fiat Chrysler) many companies are shifting their production to USA with limited impact on their finances. The cost of work is only one of the many variables to be taken into account and therefore i would like to know what you think about it. Do you think that despite regulations and isolationism, will the production be moved back to USA or is the differential in overall cost still so huge and high to not compensate for the benefits?

On December 1, 2017, Giovanni commented on Plenty of Fish – How to Sustainably Harvest New Fish :

Hi Emily – thanks a lot for writing this article! I have never thought of the fishing industry under this light and on how much the climate change could influence their activity. I really like your recommendations and i wanted to ask you if you see an active role played also by a more environmental friendly mentality and shift in consumer habits. With an increasing number in vegetarian, vegan and other non-fish diets, do you think the overall fishing demand will continue to rise or will the supply exceed by far the demand? How do you think big fishing companies will react to this shift in customer demand?

On December 1, 2017, Giovanni commented on Tata – Leading the way in dealing with Steel’s black sheep? :

Hi Nico – Great article! I totally agree with your analysis that resonates with me in many other sectors. We live in a world that works at different speeds, with developed countries and industries that are trying to embark in a more “risk-environment” friendly production vs. developing countries that are mainly focused in growing as much as possible their stakes. Based on this, do you think that is Tata responsibility to move forward and be the pioneer of this environmental revolution, with all the risks you mentioned, or should governments and supra-national organization take the lead? In other words, do you think Tata should act as a first mover and force competitors to follow its approach or should Tata lobby supra-national organization to impose more stringent regulations on CO2 emissions in the steel industry?

On December 1, 2017, Giovanni commented on RFIDs, bar codes and health care costs :

Japees – really interesting article! Based on the metrics showed, it seems a no brainer and it seems really hard to understand why the adoption curve of this technology, already applied for decades in other industries, has taken so long te be put in place. For this reason, i’m wondering if there is, beside an overall data security issue, also a huge “inertia” by incumbents, that do not want to completely change their systems and/ or to adapt to a new technology. Do you think that performing some testing and experiment and share profits of this technology with clients could accelerate the adoption curve as it happened also with Barilla? Moreover, do you see this technology to be applied not only for medicine supply but also to be fully integrated in each patient personal data?

On December 1, 2017, Giovanni commented on Digitalization In the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry :

Hi Khush – i really like your article. In the light of what we are seeing in today’s world of data, i’m wondering if there is a much broader value of having these data that only in improving the drilling. Do you think that sharing some of these data could improve the overall understanding of drilling risk and therefore change also their pricing strategy to clients such as ENI and ARAMCO? Would you sell these data to other companies or do you think this could reduce Schlumberger competitive advantage?