Tesla is great, but what about trains?

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There's been a lot of hype about how we can make car travel more environmentally-friendly. But we already have an environmentally-friendly alternative, trains, which can be made even more effective and sustainable with the right attention and resources.

The Iconic Red Coke Bottle Tries Green On for Size

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The world’s ten largest food and beverage companies, Coca-Cola included, collectively produce carbon emissions that would rank them as the 25th largest emissions-producing country[1]. Is there a way for the “Big 10” to meaningfully reduce these harmful effects and increase the sustainability of our planet?

Why does Syngenta promote synthetic products that increase air pollution?

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Population growth, climate changes and limited natural resources have challenged agricultural production to grow and become more efficient. Despite Syngenta’s efforts in developing integrated solutions to increase productivity, little attention has been given to synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. These chemicals incur in high emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times stronger than carbon dioxide [1]. Would the $54 billion [2] crop protection market opportunity be misleading Syngenta’s priorities?

Walmart, I hate to love you!

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One of the most polemic businesses in the world, Walmart is loved by consumers with limited budget, hated and feared by small business and seen as indispensable by many industries that sell almost their entire inventory to the company. Now, Walmart is engaging is environment-friendly initiatives. Are you skeptical about it?

Kick your CO2 Habit –> Save $$Millions

In the face of climate change, limited fossil fuel resources and fragile fuel trade agreements, it is clear that the way the world ‘does’ energy has to change. Whilst there are many moral and ethical reasons that businesses should seek to reduce their energy consumption and emissions, the course of business history tells us that few companies will actually do this unless the decision to do so is also financially attractive.

Enter XL Hybrids.