Wake County in North Carolina has implemented machine learning to improve the property value assessment process, something extremely important for tax purposes. The new assessments will be effective in 2020 and will be the result of a new process that intends to get more objective, timely, accurate, thoughtful, and equitable property valuations that provide more confidence to both the County and the taxpayers.

CitizenM: The digitalized hotel supply chain

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A 210-room hotel required in New York? No problem, we can ship that to you: Digitalization of the real estate and lodging supply chain in the form of modular construction is allowing companies such as CitizenM to react more quickly to changes in global demand with hotel delivery inspired by the "just-in-time" philosophy.

Why Real Estate Brokers Exist in 2016 And Beyond

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Real estate brokers always seem to be the next industry ripe for disruption, yet the profession remains stubbornly resilient. The Internet, smart phones, satellite mapping, virtual reality, secure online payments, and consumer data access have all impacted the real estate search and purchase process. However, the broker fee is still the most expensive transaction cost. The median rate has barely budged from the historical 5-6% of purchase price for selling and 15% of annual rent for brokered rentals in New York City.[1]