India’s InMobi is Disrupting Online Advertising by Making 15 Billion Decisions Per Day

InMobi runs an ad-network that decides the value of over 15 billion ad transactions per day using machine learning. In just a decade, InMobi has positioned itself as a challenger to ad tech incumbents Google and Facebook. Yet in the race to be the best ad-networker, InMobi and others will need to balance product innovation with protecting their advertisers, publishers, and selves from consumer data misuse and brand deterioration.


The introduction of AI and ML has redefined the Google product experience, driving further investment in hardware development and software integration. As information flows become more complex, Google relies on ML and AI to raise the most relevant data at the most relevant times. Now, billions of users rely on Google Photos to manage and share their memories, utilize Google Maps to find the most convenient parking spot, and rely on Gmail to automatically draft responses to unanswered emails — entirely from a Google device.