Unlocking the power of STATS

In an arena where any slight edge could mean the difference between winning and losing, machine learning has never been more important in sports. As the industry becomes more and more inundated with data, sifting through information to create meaningful insights is paramount to the success of sports organizations around the world.

Greetings from Hallmark

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• Network Security Architect.
• Marketing Data Analytics Storyteller.
• Application Security Analyst.
Are all openings for jobs posted on the Hallmark Careers website in the last week. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Digitally enabled policing: redefining incident identification, response, and prediction

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Digital technology is changing the world of policing. The Boston Police Department (BPD), like its peers throughout the US and the world, is adapting its operating model to leverage new digital tools and approaches in traditional policing contexts and to prepare for new policing contexts which will be created by digital technology (e.g., cybercrime). While the BPD is close to the leading edge of this adaptation, there is more that it could be doing.