Unilever: Takes on Climate Change by Selling “Sustainability”

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In recent years, traditional businesses have embarked on a new journey to advocate eco-friendly manufacturing and branding. Unilever, with its enduring efforts to sustainability, has been put on the ‘A List’ by Climate Change Leadership for the fifth year. Why does climate change suddenly become a buzz word in the business world and how has Unilever adapted to climate change?

Bio-Pappel: Bringing sustainability to the forefront of Mexican manufacturing

Bio-Pappel, the leading producer of paper and paper-based products in Latin America, underwent a radical shift starting in 2011 to become a truly sustainable company. With 27 production plants in Mexico, United States, and Colombia, and a production process that relies on the use of 100%-recycled inputs, Bio-Pappel is well-positioned to continue generating and capturing value for its customers.