Promise and Peril for Machine Learning at Netflix

As the amount of content, competition, and subscribers in the online media space grows, Netflix is turning to machine learning to provide a more entertaining experience for its customers. While they are investing heavily in their proprietary recommendation engine and enjoying the benefits of increased customer retention, questions are emerging around how far into customer profiling a machine learning algorithm should ideally go.

Amazon’s Response to the OTT Universe

The digital transformation of the entertainment industry has given rise to a gamut of Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming services to rival the traditional pay-tv powerhouses. Starting with Netflix in 2007, OTT services have proliferated to cater to the growing demand base, which still is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17% through 2020 worldwide. What is Amazon’s response?

Disney n Chill

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The Walt Disney Company's plan to build a digital distribution platform for all Disney movies will rival Netflix but may also prove to change how and where we watch the newest movies release coming to a theater near you.

Netflix and Chillin’ in the Mile High Club

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Netflix has long resisted offering content for offline viewing, despite being widely requested by consumers. With Amazon’s recent entry into the streaming subscription model, and most recently offering downloadable content, Prime Video has finally given customers what they have asked for. Will Netflix’s emerging dominance in original content be enough of an answer or is it time to change up their business plan?