The introduction of AI and ML has redefined the Google product experience, driving further investment in hardware development and software integration. As information flows become more complex, Google relies on ML and AI to raise the most relevant data at the most relevant times. Now, billions of users rely on Google Photos to manage and share their memories, utilize Google Maps to find the most convenient parking spot, and rely on Gmail to automatically draft responses to unanswered emails — entirely from a Google device.

FedEx – the next big Challenge

“You can't ride along with your shipment, so let us do the work for you” [1]. Speed and reliability have been at the core of FedEx customer promise since its inception. However, both standards for speed and reliability are constantly increasing, challenging the shipping industry and keeping technological innovation as a top priority.

Are smart cribs the solution for exhausted parents?

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Exhausted parents around the world have probably fantasized, at some point, about a crib that could automatically rock their crying infants to sleep. Of the many firms currently trying to win the hearts of new parents is Google’s Nest Lab, an interesting example of a company that has recognized and attempted to mitigate the pain points that parents of newborns often face.