ZOZO, Japan’s dominant online retailer of apparel and related lifestyle products, with approximately $1B in sales and $7B in market capitalization, has taken on a journey to recreate the world of apparel to the next level. [1] It aims to do so in two steps: 1) enable mass customization of private-labeled apparel products, and 2) quantify all aspects of what makes styles “cool” to become the global leader in product design. Will ZOZO be able to drive the industry in offering customized yet stylish product for the mass? What capabilities will differentiate who will win in the long haul?

Fighting Fake News with AI

We all have seen them: “news”, ads, chain messages. They are scattered with content supposedly selected for us: unreliable news, rumors, malicious texts try to divide communities, cities, nations and the world. Fake news is content created maliciously with the […]