FedEx – the next big Challenge

“You can't ride along with your shipment, so let us do the work for you” [1]. Speed and reliability have been at the core of FedEx customer promise since its inception. However, both standards for speed and reliability are constantly increasing, challenging the shipping industry and keeping technological innovation as a top priority.

Life Line: Apollo’s digital disruption to delivery of healthcare in India

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Digitization of healthcare in the developing world plays the role of plugging critical gaps in healthcare access, quality, and affordability. Apollo Hospitals is one of the first hospital chains in India to fully digitize its value chain, thereby transforming its traditional models of service delivery and operations, and driving last-mile delivery of critical healthcare services.

John Deere: the future of farming

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John Deere has flipped the concept of being a farm equipment company on its head. Increasingly, its hardware is taking on the role of delivering intelligence and advanced analytics to farmers