Profitably lending to lower income households in Mexico

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Mexico´s largest microfinance lender, Banco Compartamos has more than 2.5 million customers with an average loans of US$360. Through an effective alignment of its business model and operating model, this lender has profitably served millions of lower income households by providing access to credit where other banks can´t reach.

Capital One: Aligning the organization through data

Capital One is a Fortune 500 company that provides financial services such as credit cards and loans to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients. The company operates mainly in the US, Canada and the UK. Since the economic crisis in 2009, the share price has been continuously increasing and reached $91 per share in July 2015. [1] Capital One is well-known for expanding the credit industry by implementing an innovative, analytical approach to assess customers’ risk profiles. It is now one of the biggest provider of credit cards in the US (Exhibit 1), and has used its strong competitive advantage in data analysis to become a major player in retail banking and other services. To achieve this position, Capital One has been very successful at aligning its operating model and its business model.

Online bank Simple – not so simple after all

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“Online bank Simple was set for failure since the very beginning, and it belongs to the worst kind of startup failures: those that don’t achieve their ambitious goals by any means, but also manage to mediocrely survive; like nightmares that never end.”

Bridgewater Associates: More than just luck

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Bridgewater Associates’ operating model, making investment decisions collectively following thorough and logical discussions, enables them to effectively utilize its intellectual capital to win in the capital market at higher probability than its competitors do.