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On December 12, 2015, Ken commented on HBS: Creating Human, Intellectual, and Financial Capital :

I thought of writing about HBS too. I think one of the key cultural strength is that HBS continuously tries to improve its education through various feedback processes. The fact that HBS recently introduced FIELD and changes cases every year makes it clear that HBS is actually changing its product offering quite flexibly.

On December 12, 2015, Ken commented on Trader Joe’s: Food for Thought :

I really enjoyed reading your post.

I was not aware that “a typical Trader Joe’s store carries 4,000 SKUs per store, a mere 8% of the 50,000 SKU industry average” but maybe the fact that Trader Joe’s are small-mid sized stores helped them to have the local feel.

FYI mochi ice cream was not very good…

Hey Anish, this post was really fun to read.

I wonder whether this business will shift toward ads-revenue model someday. Given the fact that it mainly covers low price hotels, 10-20% margin may be significant from participating hotels. It may be interesting to see at which point it makes sense to shift from margin model to ads revenue model.