VIPshop: Combat climate change in China e-commerce

VIPshop is a Chinese-based discount e-commerce retailer with USD $~15B annual GMV in 2016. It is now the 3rd largest e-commerce website in China and the 6th largest one globally. Because of the large transaction volume, the usage of resources such as energy and materials in packaging and distribution process are tremendous. VIPshop started some measures to become more eco-friendly and help to solve the climate change problems.

Local Players at Risk: Online Payments in Mexico

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Local players can gain significant market share and raise barriers to entry to their market when they have a good alignment between their operating and business models. In this article, we will review Conekta, an online payments solution, that strayed from their original value proposition and has left them at risk with the entrant of new global players.

Doorman – the future of E-Commerce delivery?

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You love to buy online – but you are getting sick of missing your delivery or have your parcel stolen in front of your door? You can imagine better things to do on your Saturday afternoon than driving miles away to the next delivery depot? Then “Doorman” may be the solution to your problem – but will it really be the future how we receive our online deliveries?