The Unilever Foundry – bringing innovation to 400 brands, under one roof

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Can a 90-year old company learn to behave like a start-up? Slow growth, ever-changing consumer tastes and the rise of digitally native upstarts are threatening the traditional consumer-packaged goods industry. Unilever’s significant investment in open innovation intends to challenge this trend by collaborating with start-ups to infuse new ideas and practices into the company.

Bricks & Code: Open Innovation at LEGO Group

The iconic toymaker LEGO Group faces a crisis in the mid-2000s as increased competition and changing consumer habits threaten its business. Turning to its passionate customers, LEGO uses open innovation to reimagine its product development process and catalyze radical change within the company.

Rolls-Royce increases its share of the US$5.3 trillion civil aviation market through digitalisation

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Rolls-Royce is the current marker leader in the wide-body aircraft segment. The intense competition in the market results in manufacturers willing to sell their products without profit, but capture significant value from the MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) business driven by digital data. As a result, digital technologies not only transform Rolls-Royce’s product supply chain from initial concept to aircraft delivery, but also the company’s service offerings and aftermarket supply chain. Now the question is how can Rolls-Royce develop its existing workforce to be more adaptable, change-ready and digitally savvy?