Crowdsourcing at Adidas – Be The Designer

Crowdsourcing designs, machine learning, and efficient manufacturing processes have all been a part of Adidas' strategy for the future. With the help of open innovation the company has managed to turn its fortunes around and will be aiming to narrow the gap with Nike.

It’s the World’s “Greenest Café”…and it’s on Wheels?

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What do you get when you cross Scandinavian craftsmanship with Silicon Valley cash and add a heavy dose of caffeine? A “bike-powered coffee cart that could take on Starbucks” according to Fast Company.[1] Wheelys is a Stockholm-based coffee store company, without any stores. Instead, the company crafts and sells bicycle-mounted cafes to “young, hungry eco entrepreneurs from all over the world.”[2] These carts are well-tested, functional micro stores serving organic goods and run purely on solar and body power. With a price tag that is a fraction (around less than 1%) of ownership of a brick-and-mortar coffee shop, Wheelys is challenging the traditional café model with its mission to make the world “greener with every cup of coffee.” [2]

Will Sustainable Biofuel Power the Airplanes of the Future?

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In the pursuit to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, we developed efficient airplanes that use less fuel. Technology improved aerodynamics, enhanced engine performance and reduced planes’ weight. But we are still using the same fossil fuel we used since the inception of aviation. Can we change that?