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On December 14, 2015, Safiya commented on Why WeWork works so well :

Love this post! In addition to the technology platforms someone mentioned above, I think something really interesting they provide to community members are options / recommendations to access shared services like accounting, HR, and legal. Also, not sure if you saw how WeWork launched WeLive but would love to hear your thoughts on the differences and similarities between the operating models for the co-working and co-living spaces.

Tom, great overview! What a cool concept, like you said it will be interesting to see how VidAngel scales and how they respond to changes in the regulatory landscape around digital content.

Thanks, E 🙂

On December 9, 2015, Safiya commented on Ace Hotel :

This is such a great overview! I think you totally nailed the alignment that Ace has enabled by using the space effectively to cater to a new segment of creative hotel goers’ needs (i.e., wanting a unique and social experience vs. the more traditional, bell hop-led, anonymous stay). Excited to see how they continue to scale!

Great overview! I totally agree that the amazing trainers, high-end workout equipment, luxurious bath product selection, killer smoothie bar, and great retail collection create a superior customer experience that is replicated across Barry’s studios nation-wide. It would be great to learn more about their franchise model and how they have effectively leveraged that to scale.

On December 9, 2015, Safiya commented on The Related Companies :

Agreed, this is a great overview of the organization and its capabilities! I think it was especially helpful how you broke down the fragmented process for real estate development. It is impressive how Related has structured everything in house and I personally am super excited for the first Equinox hotel!