Expanding Open Innovation at NASA

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In the last decade, NASA started using Open Innovation approaches to solve some of the world's most complicated problems. Now, the company will need to think about how to solve potential implementation challenges as the company scales up these approaches.

From Housing Marketplace To Lifestyle Platform. How Airbnb’s Democratized Innovation System Influences Its Product Strategy

Airbnb’s democratized innovation marketplace and external communities of hosts and guests has helped it to direct its product strategy over its 10-year history. In this piece, the author explores how the tech unicorn has utilized its distributed knowledge to develop a platform designed to withstand competitive pressures and sustainably grow its business.

The Unilever Foundry – bringing innovation to 400 brands, under one roof

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Can a 90-year old company learn to behave like a start-up? Slow growth, ever-changing consumer tastes and the rise of digitally native upstarts are threatening the traditional consumer-packaged goods industry. Unilever’s significant investment in open innovation intends to challenge this trend by collaborating with start-ups to infuse new ideas and practices into the company.