Boeing: Making Metal 3D Printing take-off

Boeing is in the “rocket science” business, hence as the common idiom goes, it is no secret its manufacturing process is quite complex…

With millions of parts that go into the making of each plane and space launch systems – Boeing is peering into new technologies to look for faster, cheaper and safer ways to produce its planes. Metal Additive Manufacturing (i.e. 3D Printing) is at the forefront.

Realizing the Promise of Additive Manufacturing at Boeing

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I spent 6 years in the Propulsion Product Development (PD) team at Boeing. During this time, additive manufacturing (AM) has gained recognition as a technological solution that could significantly improve product development cycles, design and manufacturing at Boeing.  While Boeing […]

Could Additive Manufacturing (3D-Printing) Be the Answer to Boeing’s Program Accounting Woes?

Boeing has committed to investing in and expanding its use of additive manufacturing, helping to improve upon the company's complex production of select commercial jet parts. But the company will need to continue to push the limits of 3D-printing if there is a broader future for this technology to more meaningfully control manufacturing costs and efficiency for their Dreamliner and future jet models.