Iran Air: Sanctions and Sanction Relief

Managing against US sanctions is a supremely difficult task, requiring political rather than commercial skills. For the last three decades, sanctions have blocked Iran Air from obtaining new aircrafts and spare parts. On the cusp of finally obtaining modern aircrafts, Iran Air faces the imminent possibility of dashed hopes.

Turbulence ahead

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The airlines’ operating model is going to be affected deeply by both direct and indirect climate change consequences. IAG is already addressing some of this issues, while others are not making any changes arguing that air travel is an irreplaceable industry.

Airbus Group: Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy century.

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Aircraft manufacturers such as the European conglomerate Airbus have been very vocal about the “unfair” pressure that they are facing from environmental activists and organizations to reduce GHG emissions and drive greener innovation. But the aviation industry might not only be facing reputational issues: climate change could ultimately challenge their profitability and alter their whole business model.