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On November 15, 2018, Yusuke Shimada commented on China’s Take on 3D Printing in Healthcare :

Caro, thank you for sharing! I enjoyed reading the article so much.
My first impression is that if we are going to live in a world where to can easily swap organs, how many years are humans going to live?!
This technology is awesome and will solve a lot of problems, and if I or my family or somebody close were the patient I would definitely choose to receive the treatment, but at the same time, I wonder if we all live to 200 years old, what would the world look like?!

On November 15, 2018, Yusuke Shimada commented on Brooks Running: Personalized Running Shoes for the Mass Market? :

Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed the reading very much!
As you pointed out, when giants such as NIKE/Adidas enter I suspect it would be tough for them because customization would be the standard and they cannot maintain the edge by being “more customized”. Also, I wonder if this customization needs to be done through 3D printing, not regular custom production (does it really reduce costs, or in what situation is it better to produce with 3D). Said that, I would like to support the vision of creating the best running gear and go on the giants.

Viria, thank you for sharing, I enjoyed the article a lot. We can all tell how much you love IDEO!!
I think the idea of open innovation goes along with the IDEO way. Design thinking and open innovation approach definitely bring value, but I am curious how this model is manage (not only OPEN IDEO but also IDEO in general). I believe that as IDEO opens up to any ideas, I was imaging that it is very hard to put governance and make sure to have control over the output. I believe this approach is very powerful and would love to hear your thoughts have it works further!

On November 15, 2018, Yusuke Shimada commented on Open Innovation at Nestle – Establishing an extended innovation ecosystem :

Thank you so much for sharing! I really enjoyed the reading. I am convinced that, as you mentioned, CPG companies are well positioned to open innovation. I wonder how companies draw lines between what to share and what not to share given the fact that elements such as pricing, packaging, etc. are highly confidential. I hope to see more open innovation in Japan as well…

On November 15, 2018, Yusuke Shimada commented on Machine learning ruined baseball. Machine learning will save baseball. :

Interesting reading, I like it a lot! Thank you for sharing.
I agree that data eliminates room for players to play their own baseball making them just one piece, and on the other hand, strategy/tactics weighs in more. But at the same time, there are star players even when players are analyzed, and when players and teams go beyond data, next level of excitement is there!
On your final point on the fundamental goal – I believe the decision of balancing needs to be made by humans. It would be amazing (and also a bit scary) if machines learnt the best mix of winning, game duration, highlight scenes, etc.

On November 15, 2018, Yusuke Shimada commented on Duolingo: From Hello to Hallo through Machine Learning :

Jackson, this reading is great! As a person who did not speak a certain language (=English) in everyday life and lost the capability, I wish there were some sort of service like this. I believe that “Forgetting curve” can be applied to any topics from languages to physics as you mentioned, and there is a huge potential. Regarding Google Translate, I still think learning a language is more than simply acquiring a tool to exchange words, but also about understanding the culture and mindset behind, so this service will be powerful!