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Awesome post Ozi! Really appreciate simplifying the concepts and process here. Questions that come to mind 1) how easily adoptable is this technology for consumers? 2) what are the main challenges from a government and regulations perspective? 3) are there other adjacent or like markets that would this apply to?

On November 20, 2016, Wilson commented on No More Dashing Out To The Store :

Awesome post! thanks for laying out the Amazon dash. Questions that come to mind are 1) who would be the earliest adopters? 2) how does this fit into amazon’s longterm plan? 3) are there any major unforeseen risk in implementing such a frictionless technology commerce button?

Awesome post Kamisha! Really appreciate the layout of traditional banks and their current challenges. Questions that come to mind are 1) how do they think about in house vs. acquisition? 2) how do they think of human capital in a very traditional company vs. startup talent?

On November 20, 2016, Wilson commented on Pokemon Go: Bringing video games into the real world :

Awesome post, King! Really appreciate the balance view of the vulnerabilities of the product. Questions that come to mind are 1) what type of hacker groups would do so and why does it matter to them? 2) does it represent a broader theme of apps being back and the vulnerability in cybersecurity? 3) does learnings from this transfer to government cybersecurity?

Awesome post, Bhargav! I really appreciate the simple explanation of DLT’s and the financial and non-financial uses. Two questions that popped up is that 1) what are the main challenges for mass consumer adoption? and 2) would this require businesses to adopt this technology first or is it driven by customer demand and which businesses would be the first to adopt?

Piersten – Awesome post outlining H&M, fast fashion, and the global warming challenges, as I’m also interested in this industry and its sustainability. Wearing the management hat for second, I’m most curious what the financial tradeoffs are there for being more sustainable or are there strategic plays that can make sustainability an even more profitable option. And lastly, is there a trend towards “faster fashion” or “slower fashion,” as my hypothesis is that it will be “faster” in the sense that consumers would want more options for low cast, and it’ll be more rental, and I’m hoping that industry adapts in a sustainable way.

Thanks for the post!

On November 7, 2016, Wilson commented on In the ring with Tyson :

Ty – Awesome post on Tyson and the food industry, as I didn’t realize it’s challenged on “both sides of the equation.” Playing management for a second, I’m most curious is how Tyson is thinking about consumer behavior shifting to more healthy options, and whether they could change their operations to adapt to more global friendly environment. Additionally, are there other types of foods other than chicken that they are moving towards to hedge their current product offering and global warming.

Thanks for the post!

Jakub – Awesome post on laying out the challenges Hilton, the industry, and global warming challenges. Playing Hilton management for a second, I’m curious how collaborative is the hotel industry as a whole to minimize global emissions by sharing best practices and jointly create tools that everyone can use. Additionally, on the flip side, with global warming are there ironically any benefits to hotel and hospitality industry such that the warming of certain areas or rising waters that will extend vacation seasons for certain tourist areas.

Thanks again for the post!

Awesome post laying out the challenge facing Mars, cocoa and chocolate industry. The one line that struck me was “meteorologists this fall to analyze the impacts of weather on the chocolate business,” because I never thought even a chocolate manufacturer would require that level of expertise in science and astrology. I’m curious what are the specific research results, and whether they give Mars a competitive advantage over competitors. Also, from a consumer’s perspective it doesn’t seem like the chocolates have tasted different over time, I’m curious how much innovation or change happens to the actual product and taste.

Thanks for the post!

On November 7, 2016, Wilson commented on Califia Farms: Cracking the Drought in California :

Dan – Awesome post on a Califia, the industry, and the California drought. Placing myself in the shoes of the management team, I’m wondering 1) did they foresee this issue early on? If so, how could they have hedged it either through a different product mix or operational efficiency with less water and other raw materials? 2) How are competitors responding to this change (unless they’re coming from a different region)? 3) Are there ways to “arbitrage” the water situation by either transporting or moving productions to another region where water is abundant?

Overall, thanks for the post and excited to see where this company goes!