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On December 1, 2017, VyshR commented on Is ADM Ready to Feed a Warmer World? :

Your essay addresses the pressing issue of food security in face of climate change. The problems and challenges outlined in the essay are applicable to many countries impacted by changes in weather condition.

It is interesting to note that ADM has both food crops and biodiesel under its product portfolio. There is an interesting debate on the use of biodiesel/biofuel as they compete with food crops for fertile land and water. ADM might find itself in a difficult situation where it might be forced to rationalize its product mix.

Furthermore, countries usually suspend or ban export of food crops for period of time to address internal shortages. This will have a significant impact on the global supply chain of ADM.

Very interesting read. I believe that the impact of Brexit on Banks and London’s status as Europe’s financial capital depends on the actual terms of “Brexit” deal. Financial institutions are important for UK’s economy and hence “too big” to let down. Hence I strongly believe that UK delegation will work with industry lobbyist to arrive at least disruptive terms for the industry. On the other hand, it is also an economic opportunity for other European cities.

On December 1, 2017, VyshR commented on The power of GIS for UNCHR – visualizing supply chains :

Very interesting take on examining benefit of digitization in crisis management. Problem of refugee camp is really close to home. Use of GIS is one application of how technology can enable crisis/disaster management in high stress environment. I strongly believe that there is space to leverage technology beyond allocation and data gathering. Social media initiated the community data gathering with features such as safety check during crisis. UNHCR should collaborate with technology players to optimize operations further. In such circumstances, improvement in “supply chain” results in saving lives.

On December 1, 2017, VyshR commented on Coca-Cola: Sustainability Visionary or Villain? :

Great read! This is an ethical dilemma facing many corporates today. How do you think about the trade-off between business sustainability and social responsibility? Climate change has exacerbated this tension further. I believe the role of regulators become more eminent in such cases. It important to have a government or independent body which can hold multinational companies accountable for their sustainability claims. It is equally important for Coke to manage any reputational risk arising from their operations in water stressed communities.

On December 1, 2017, VyshR commented on Raksul, Japanese Uber for Printing :

It was very interesting to see how Raskul embraced digitization to create a niche in a dying industry. This theme is common across many industries. Companies that leverage digitization and change their operating model accordingly survive the test of time. It is interesting how Raskul opted for network of printing houses rather than single central printing house. In the age of sharing economy we see that some companies opt for asset light platform play.

In terms of future opportunities it will be interesting to see how the company could embrace 3D printing. If Raskul can do a similar platform play for 3D printing, it can tap into varied range of use cases beyond traditional printing.