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On December 14, 2015, Usama commented on Making Dreams Come True…With Operations Management :

Amazing to see this post, especially given that I will be visiting Disney in the up-coming break (super excited about that btw!). I last visited Disney as a kid in 1999 and I remember waiting for 90min queued up for Splash Mountain. The Fast Pass combined with the Disney app should enable a better experience but I agree with Qing: as people continue to figure out that its not a premium service (just as Ali did after reading this post), it will again become a zero sum game. People who previously could only beat queueing up by arriving early, now will have to do the same to ensure that they get a fast pass. However, Disney, over the years, has continued to evolve its operations to better serve the needs of its customers and I am sure they’ll find a way around it. Else, they can always release a new blockbuster hit and the 6yr old will ensure that daddy takes her to Disneyland in her next summer holidays.
Personally, I can’t wait to go there! Happy holidays 🙂

On December 14, 2015, Usama commented on Unpacking Trader Joe’s :

Trader Joe’s is certainly a great place to shop and the experienctial aspect is enhanced due to its customer service. However, the fact that they don’t sell many products is unfavourable to me as a grocery shopper. We are all pressed for time these days and when I go grocery shopping, being able to pick everything from a single location is extremely helpful. That is why, at times, I prefer going to wholefoods because of their greater variety.
One way that TJs does differentiate itself is their private label products which, I agree, are very unique but I would personally like to see them scale their model and perhaps start stocking more products. In my view, it would help them drive more traffic through their stores and cross sell their private label even more.

Bayern’s business model is indeed an amazing example for other soccer clubs to follow. Another, more nuanced aspect of their success is that German players prefer to buy their trade in their home country. This fact combined with Bayern’s status as the best German club allows them to attract the best talent from Germany as well as abroad.