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On December 13, 2015, Tom Courlas commented on Westland Distillery – Crafting America’s Finest Single Malt Whiskey :

Looks like a tasting will need to be setup next year. I like the write-up but am curious about their financial health and how that might change their operating model. This business is very capital intensive–do you see larger players (Diageo, Suntory/Beam, etc) coming in and giving them an offer they cannot refuse? Would the west coast ethos lead to a decision to remain private and local despite large financial offerings in this case? Scotland has seen a majority of their distilleries (90%+) bought up by the larger players over the years.

On December 13, 2015, Tom Courlas commented on Blank Label: designed in the USA experience at made in China prices :

After recently getting my first Blank Label shirt, I can attest to their quality and the simplicity of the whole process. However, I cannot imagine ordering tailored shirts without getting a fitting first. It looks like right now they only have two physical locations–one in DC and one in Boston. Will this be an impediment to their growth? Will they be opening more stores in the immediate future?

On December 13, 2015, Tom Courlas commented on SpaceX: Bringing the costs of space back down to earth :

Musk seems to have the operating model of this endeavor nailed down. SpaceX is currently profitable with a few contracts from the US government. But his last rocket blew up and he has been unable to reuse the old rockets by landing it on the barge or anywhere else. What happens when the competitors that he disrupted (the Boeing/Lockheed venture) come back strongly? What about the other space nerd, Jeff Bezos, whose Blue Origin is up and coming and has already successfully re-landed a rocket?