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On December 12, 2015, Steven Shin commented on Eataly: life is too short not to eat well :

I really enjoyed this write-up and would be curious to understand what potential stumbling blocks might exist to introduce a similar concept for a different type of cuisine (i.e. less available/attractive supplier and restaurant partnerships).

On December 12, 2015, Steven Shin commented on IKEA: cutting costs, creating value :

As someone who’s purchased and assembled a fair share of IKEA furniture, I thought this was a great read! Did not realize previously what a great job they did with suppliers to get costs down and create designs that make it more efficient to produce and ship. The cost per touch inventory system also was something I had never heard about but makes a great deal of sense in this type of business. One thing that will be interesting to watch unfold is how IKEA adapts/embraces the e-commerce space given what a strong reputation their customer experience has at their stores and the fact their stores also double as their warehouses.

On December 12, 2015, Steven Shin commented on The LEGO Success Story: Getting Everything to Awesome! :

This was a great read especially since I had my fair share of Legos growing up! I thought both the “streamlined product line” and “innovation within reason” sections were particularly relevant because there seems to be a resurgence in creative art pieces being made from basic lego sets. Some examples that come to mind from following sports are: an Indians clubhouse manager used to make player mosaics out of legos ( and an Ohio State fan makes replica college football stadiums (

Another interesting development seems to be the rise of independent Lego stores both in the US and around the role. Probably more of a marketing question than TOM but will be interested to see how these contribute to Lego’s future growth!

On December 12, 2015, Steven Shin commented on SpaceX: A First Principles Company :

It was great to read about the idea of first principles and SpaceX’s commitment to a full stacked approach which is not surprisingly consistent with Elon’s strategy at Tesla to control all aspects of the production process. It’s also interesting to consider the role launch contracts play in protecting SpaceX’s position moving forward if/when competitors respond to their approach.