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On November 15, 2018, Sophie Stuart commented on Darktrace: Battling Machine Learning Threats, With Machine Learning :

Thanks for this article – it is quite interesting. I am just worried that – generally speaking – people will always try to outsmart the system, and as “criminals” build machine learning capabilities, will Darktrace still be valuable?

I love this article – super interesting read.
I agree with Camille’s comment above- I am curious to know how they link new content to user preferences or user profiles.
Additionally I always thought the suggestions of Netflix are somewhat on point – at least for me. However, as mentioned in the article, sometimes the viewing happens in social settings which is not necessarily something you want to drive your suggestions – so these searches skew the suggestions in a certain way. Maybe it would be useful to maybe have the option to select whether its social or individual?

On November 15, 2018, Sophie Stuart commented on To Infinity and Beyond – 3D Printing in Space :

Interesting read ! As I understand, 3D printing in space can have several benefits ranging form increased space for oxygen, to lower cost of space mission. I am just wondering – as competition grows in the space industry, and investments increase the cost of 3D printing will probably go down – but is the long road to efficient space 3D printing worth the benefit?

On November 15, 2018, Sophie Stuart commented on Crowdsourcing legacy: How Rio is changing policymaking :

I love the idea of using open innovation to make people’s voices heard – especially in a country where people are increasingly dissatisfied with their government. However, coming myself from a pretty corrupt country – this just makes me wonder.. would people actually believe in this, or would they feel more skeptical about it? It could be seen as a way of making people feel heard, but at the end the power will stay in the hands of the corrupt politicians. This could be a big barriers to taking OI to the next level and increasing participation.

On November 15, 2018, Sophie Stuart commented on The Benefits of Additive Manufacturing at BIA :

Thank you for this article – it is indeed very valuable to see how much more efficient the process can be with additive manufacturing. Saving 6 weeks in lead time, in an industry where timeliness and speed are key to success, makes additive manufacturing very attractive to BIA.
However, as you mentioned – is it worth investing in internally, given the size of the company? Or would it be better to let companies specialize in additive manufacturing of all kinds, and then contract these specialized companies?
The only risk I see in doing this is that the company might lose its competitive advantage, especially if there is a risk that the entire process be replaced by additive manufacturing.

On November 15, 2018, Sophie Stuart commented on Open Innovation Initiatives in UNHCR Refugee Communities :

Thank you for this article – valuable insights!
Coming from a country that has a number of refugees that is almost equal to 50% of the pre-existing population of the country, I see a lot of benefits in sourcing information from both sides, bottom up. However, the challenge i see here is that refugees often live in poor conditions, with no access to internet or no understanding of these kinds of digital platforms. As such, I do believe this initiative will ultimately have to be very labor-intensive to ensure its success.