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On December 13, 2015, skang commented on – What is the price of disruption? :

Great read! It is interesting how is very efficient in making consumers do things that actually benefit the company itself. Also, instead of reaping the entire benefit of such inefficiencies that consumers have ‘decided’ to solve, the company gives those savings back to the consumers. One of the questions I have is around the sustainability of the business: (1) whether can continue to engage in such a low margin business while there are enormous rivals already in the market, and (2) whether can become sizable enough to actually have any negotiation power to continue to provide lower cost products and arbitrage inefficiencies.

On December 13, 2015, skang commented on HBS – A Business Model Perspective :

Great read! It is interesting to note that revenues from Executive Education Tuition far outweighs MBA Tuitions & Fees. Perhaps the ‘role’ of MBA program is to send its best ‘products’, i.e. graduates, to all around the world and across different industries in order to strengthen its brand and recognition, which will in turn attract further business in other segments such as Executive Education (presumably more profitable than the MBA program) and Publishing. This leads to the interesting question you have raised at the end – what will happen once our generation, which has a higher percentage of MBA education, becomes to represent the majority of the senior management level.

On December 13, 2015, skang commented on Palantir: The Hottest Startup You’ve Never Heard Of :

Great read! It is quite surprising that Palantir is one of the first in the market to have successfully executed the ‘obvious talent arbitrage’. My question is how Palantir’s scale and reputation may, or may not, be challenged by competitors seeking to go after the same opportunity, and whether competitors will be able to expand the opportunity further into other territories.