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On November 14, 2018, Sgt. Piggy commented on 3D Printing Toyota’s Headlights: The Sourcing Decision :

Interesting point on JIT combined with AM. I would have expected if AM ever becomes real, it would be the perfect manufacturing tool for replacing your external suppliers. AM could effectively reduce the expertise needed for arbitrary parts manufacturing. I’m not questioning this assumption or at least the rate at which it would occur.

On November 14, 2018, Sgt. Piggy commented on Does the CIA want your geopolitical input? Yes, it actually does! :

Haha maybe you could introduce ranks to the reward system for spying on your neighbors. Like you start out as an “espionage intern” and later you can be promoted to “Head of the People’s CIA”.

I really appreciated this post, and I agree the risks are enormous. My gut is that the incentives have to be pure, e.g. making your country a safer place.

“If the FDA will not allow the pre-clinical testing on bio-printed human tissues, then it might be time for Organovo to start looking for traction elsewhere. Europe, Asia and Latin America might be interested in trying out this novel approach.”
This made my laugh. I know this is a serious matter, but I’m curious about this trend of innovating in growing/under-regulated markets. Is that morally acceptable? Should developed nations use other nations as test subjects? At the same time, I know accelerated development can lead to greater social good… and perhaps the injection of research and capital into less developed economies can be beneficial.

On November 14, 2018, Sgt. Piggy commented on Organovo: bioprinting tissue to speed up drug development :

Fascinating and great suggestions. I agree with everyone above that the potential of this technology sounds so high and the social benefit is so great that Organovo should consider open innovation to accelerate the development process.

On November 14, 2018, Sgt. Piggy commented on Machine Learning and AI Impacts on the Financial Markets :

I’m worried about crowding too! Machines are dumb, and even worse, they’re consistently dumb in the same ways. I’m pretty sure they’ll all figure out the same strategies at the same time. If machines one day become super good at detecting alpha, maybe one day they should run our businesses too. I wouldn’t mind working for an AI if it’s superior to me.

On November 14, 2018, Sgt. Piggy commented on Narrative Science, the Automated Journalism Startup :

“There is genuine fear in the media industry that Narrative Science, and startups like it, will eventually one day replace journalists altogether. Is this fear warranted?”

It’s worth noting that journalists do more than put words on paper. They also go out and collect data, which Narrative Science can’t do. But I could imagine a future where the ubiquity of sensors means all the data is already being collected. Then what? I don’t think the analysis and detective work that journalists do is trivial, and so I don’t see Narrative Science as even a long term threat. Maybe one day, in the far future, NLG will be sophisticated enough to replace journalists, but then we’ll all be out of jobs.