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On November 20, 2016, Senor Sanchez commented on The Digital Spin: Flywheel Sports Gears Up with Data to Drive Performance :

Thanks for the article. Huge growth in the fitness industry going on.

2 quick points:
– These business models are generally easy to copy, do you think flywheel will continue to hold on to it’s competitive advantage, or will it diminish with many copy-cats likely to enter the industry.

– Large scale gyms, like 24Hour Fitness, also pose a large threat to Flywheel. They’ve recently started investing in digitalization as well, and could also easily enter this space with a few capital investments (like similar bikes for instance). Do you think the viability of these boutique fitness shops is sustainable in the long term?

On November 20, 2016, Senor Sanchez commented on Peloton: Digitalizing Spinning :

Thanks for the article. There seems to be a greater influx of these fitness industry startups.

2 quick points:

– I’m skeptical about the long-term viability of all these new fitness companies – do you think this is mostly a fad, or is their long-term viability in their operations?

– What kind of marketing efforts do you see the firm undertaking to make the 2K upfront cost of a bike seem more manageable?

On November 20, 2016, Senor Sanchez commented on Is Nike the Next Big Tech Giant? :

Thanks for the post, as a big lover of the NIKE brand, I’m glad to see they’re embracing Digitalization.

Had a few reactions to your post:
– Do you think the wearables technology will get greater traction? – I feel like there are still many consumers who still don’t care much about wearable for fitness technology
– Enhancing the clothes with this fitness technology introduces additional cost. How do you think NIKE will price these enhanced items? and how do you think consumers will react? NIKE is already a very expensive brand as it is, so I expect this will further drive up the cost of their goods

On November 20, 2016, Senor Sanchez commented on Domino’s: Pizza Giant, or Tech Startup? :

Great post MS. Glad to see Domino’s adapting to Digitalization ( as a huge fan of their pizza, it would be a shame if they ceased to exist)

Wanted to share a few thoughts on your post:
– The build your own pizza feature on the online app is a fantastic idea; it offers consumers more flexibility
– I have a big concern about the sustainability of Domino’s, given the recent customer shift in preferences towards healthier food options. How do you think Domino’s will react to this? Do you see them introducing new menu items?

On November 20, 2016, Senor Sanchez commented on Domino’s Pizza: A Quick Service Restaurant Chain or a Tech Company? :

Great post Kristina – as big lover of Domino’s, this hit home.

A few thoughts on your post:
– Very impressed with their digitalization efforts so far; for such an old-school business model to adapt is key
– To echo the comment above, I too am concerned about Domino’s place in the industry, especially as we start seeing a shift in customer preferences towards healthier options. Do you think Dominos will do a good job adjusting to this? (much like McDonalds has for instance by introducing slightly healthier options in their menu.
– I’m surprised that they haven’t outsourced their delivery efforts yet. It seems like a huge fixed cost to undertake. Agree that there is much room for improvement here.

On November 7, 2016, J.E.S commented on Always Coca Cola? :

Great article mysterious author!

As a company with a large brand equity, Coca-Cola has a big role to play in climate change. Given their enormous marketing spend, it would be great if Coke dedicated more advertising dollars to drawing attention to the issue

On November 7, 2016, J.E.S commented on Coca-Cola: Survival in an Era of Climate Change :

Great article good sir!

Coke is definitely facing many constraints driven by water scarcity. The example of plant closings in India is a good example that sustainability can negatively impact financial results ( .

One of the biggest things that Coke can do is to simply increase customer awareness They need to influence more firms and people to understand the importance of sustainability and fulfill their social responsibility.


On November 7, 2016, J.E.S commented on McDonald’s – is the Big Mac in BIG trouble? :

Great article good sir!

Are you by any chance familiar with the Impossible Foods burger?

They are creating a plant-based replacement for hamburgers (see: Not only is it good tasting, but also environementally friendly – can you say “watch out McDonalds”?

– Jose

On November 7, 2016, J.E.S commented on Nike: Swooshing to Tackle Climate Change :

Great write up Kenny!

I’m a big fan of their brand and think that they can do a lot to inspire their consumers to go green.

In addition to the suggestions exposed in this post, I would like to encourage Nike to develop a recycle program. I also think Nike could do a lot to educate their customers on the impacts of climate change. By instituting program that increase awareness, they can inspire customers to demand more from other retailers – other retailers aren’t really pulling their weight to fight climate change!


On November 7, 2016, J.E.S commented on Nike: A Poster Child for Climate Change? :

Interesting write up Lynn – mostly because I also love NIKE and did my post on them as well 🙂

It’s fascinating to see their efforts to reduce carbon footprint. One of the biggest things NIKE can do is enter into the recycling business by offering incentives to buyers to return the Nike apparels back to Nike. With Nike’s brand positioning, such actions could benefit not only Nike, but initiate a ripple effect on the entire industry urging competitors to roll out similar schemes.