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On December 1, 2017, Sarah Bullard commented on Taking a Bite out of Apple: Fighting the Tides of Isolationism :

Chris – I loved reading this, thanks so much for your research. Two items in particular that I found most interesting:

1) That Apple would choose to create a $1B fund to invest in OTHER U.S. companies that invest in manufacturing jobs in the U.S. This frankly seems silly to me. While I understand this is a lower barrier to entry for them in terms of bringing manufacturing jobs to the U.S. as compared to investing in their own infrastructure, I frankly would rather see Apple themselves continue to drive for optimizing domestic opportunities.

2) I complete agree with your sentiment that Apple has the responsibility to invest in vocational and educational training, and that they are in a unique position to be a leader in doing so.

On December 1, 2017, Sarah Bullard commented on Ford Motor Company Faces Steel & Aluminum Supply Price Headwinds :

DM- nicely done! Really interesting read. I like your suggestion of making hedges on aluminum and steel, and wonder if the company has moved into that at all without publicizing it. Second, I am curious about your question regarding customers willingness to take on cost of production of carbon fiber vehicles. I would wonder as well if Ford would be explicit about passing through these added-costs to their consumers?

Thanks so much for the interesting article! The biggest question that comes to mind reading about BlackRock’s digital strategy is what their strategy around cybersecurity is. I can imagine cybersecurity is one of the largest concerns of both the firm and its investors as more and more of their management tools move online.

On December 1, 2017, Sarah Bullard commented on The Doctor will Skype you now — The Digitalization of Medicine :

Thanks so much for the interesting article!

When I saw the title of this article, I was expecting to read about TeleHealth increasing access to healthcare in emerging markets, and found myself wondering (briefly, before I clicked through 🙂 ) if and how this was being used domestically. I was intrigued to read more about this challenge, and can see how salient of an issue it is in more remote locations. Nantucket was a very interesting example.

I completely agree with what Sharat brought up regarding concerns about trust and safety, and how quickly TeleHealth will achieve market diffusion in the U.S. as a result. Look forward to continuing to follow this topic!

On December 1, 2017, Sarah Bullard commented on Why your chocolate bar could become a luxury purchase. :

Michelle – thanks for sharing! One of the points you brought up that I found most intriguing was the lack of labor supply that is coming out of less fruitful crops. What MARS is doing specifically with empowering women through CARE International to develop more labor supply is really interesting. I frankly am surprised to have not learned of it before, as I would expect this is a good “PR” play for MARS as it is social-impact driven but also potentially good for their bottom line. I hope this problem is solved for all of the chocolate lovers out there!

On December 1, 2017, Sarah Bullard commented on Sephora: Combining Beauty and Sustainability :

Annie – thanks so much for spending time researching and writing on this. I’m frankly amazed by the fact that, particularly for beauty products that are all interacting directly with our bodies, that not all are completely “clean.” Despite the progress Sephora is making, I like how you challenge them to do more. The comparison to their South Korean counterpart is insightful. There is no question they should be learning from their best practices and adapting accordingly. There is no question this is a challenge, but the fact that personal care products make up one third of the world’s landfill is mind-blowing, and requires drastic progress.