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On December 10, 2015, Sara Gilson commented on Area Woman Writes on The Onion, Questions Not Choosing IKEA Instead :

Super funny! Loved the MacBook Wheel video at the end 🙂 I think this was a great approach to take a slightly non-traditional company and dig into the operating and business models. A former colleague works at a media & entertainment focused private equity firm and I know they were taking a look at The Onion as a potential acquisition target earlier this year. I would be interested to know the revenue mix, whether the business model could sustain any leverage, whether a team of operating partners would be able to get under the hood and drive additional revenue growth opportunties and expand margins. Thanks for the fun read, Alice! Great writing too!

On December 10, 2015, Sara Gilson commented on Chipotle: How non-real Mexican food became so successful :

Rafael, great job writing this post!

While CMG has clearly had a successful run, my question is how Chipotle can continue to maintain long term growth. Once the US market is saturated (arguably, it may already be today), will CMG’s business and operating model continue to drive organic growth in its exisitng markets or do you think CMG launch overseas? Honestly, I’m not sure if the concept would translate to France or Germany!

If not, the challenge for CMG will be maintaining growth once it starts opening so many doors each year and once it starts to lose market share due to other, fresher, newer concepts.


On December 10, 2015, Sara Gilson commented on Now That’s one Tough Mudder… :

Nice job, Cameron! I enjoyed reading about Tough Mudder – I have heard a lot about the event and I would really love to participate in one someday! Justin did one in Orange County and his dirty sweaty Tough Mudder headband is still on his desk (ew)

I like how your discussion of the Operating Model/inherent Facebook advertising that goes along with participants posting photos ties into all the discussions we had in our Facebook case. Overall a really great read! Thank you!