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On December 7, 2015, Rizzo commented on Dirt Cheap: Extreme Value Retail :


As a proud shopper of these fine establishments, I agree with you that their models are aligned nicely. I think what people may forget when looking at these stores is the thrill of finding a great deal for the customers. Often when you walk into one of these stores, the inventory is scattered which at first may be overwhelming but then you realize that its part of the shopping experience. If you go frequently, there are actually die hard fans who know where to look and know when to buy the items whose opinions are sought after. It is a interesting concept that has developed almost a cult following in the south.

On December 7, 2015, Rizzo commented on The Islamic State :

An interesting take on ISIS, which is the most organized terrorist group in the world. By operating in a power vacuum (Syria + Iraq), ISIS is able to instill their form of government on the people and profit handsomely. However, I believe it is tough to grade their business model effectively when their “customers” have no option for dissent. In other words, customers are tortured or killed if they disagree or try to “shop elsewhere”. Using Ramadi as an example, what percentage of Ramadi residents do you think would leave if they could? Provided they can successfully navigate past the 15000 VBIED and IEDs. http://www.wsj.com/articles/roadside-bombs-snipers-delay-ramadi-offensive-1449427231