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On November 20, 2016, Pasha commented on The Battle of the Books: Should Barnes & Noble Concede? :

Great post! I used to spend countless hours at Barnes and Noble stores, sipping Starbucks coffee and studying. To me, their biggest value proposition isn’t as a bookseller but rather as a pleasant and enjoyable place to relax, read, and hang out. I wonder if there’s a way to capture that value prop without the heavy costs of so much inventory

On November 20, 2016, Pasha commented on Uber’s Bet on Self-Driving Car :

I think some of the ethical questions that come up with regard to self driving cars are actually less impactful than we may think. For example in the case brought up here, where the car needs to decide whether to hit a misbehaving pedestrian or innocent car, the algorithm probably won’t be making any ethical judgments whatsoever. It will just be trying to minimize a collision. It’s actually pretty hard to bake ethical logic into the algorithm. Moreover, I’d argue that humans aren’t particularly good at this either. If you’re in a split second decision you’re probably not thinking about what the most ethical course of action is. Your reflexes are probably taking over and just trying to minimize the chance of a crash

On November 20, 2016, Pasha commented on Stitch Fix – Transforming Retail Through Personalization :

Awesome post! I’ve personally been very interested in these sort of personalized subscription services but have yet to pull the trigger. For me the worry has been (1) are the items really worth the monthly cost and (2) will I get sick of the service but forget to cancel. Also, I’m super curious if any of these business models have been profitable yet

On November 20, 2016, Pasha commented on Pill Popping Made Easy :

Great post Elyse! You mention CVS and Walgreens needing to invest more in technology like this. Do you think pillpack has enough of a first mover advantage to combat eventual competition from traditional pharmacies?

On November 20, 2016, Pasha commented on Gett – Reinventing TV advertising :

Awesome post, VB! The coke campaign with the ultrasonic detection seems really intriguing. I imagine it has a potential to be viewed as kind of creepy (e.g. Why is this app listening to my TV?). How do you think Gett should handle such concerns?

Very interesting article! Does the rust resistant coffee taste the same and have the same properties as traditional coffee? In other words is it something that consumers will accept, or is it likely to lead to dissatisfaction and potential consumer churn? If it’s the latter, what steps can Starbucks take to be sustainable but also maintain the product quality users expect?

On November 7, 2016, Pasha commented on Change the game :

Thanks for sharing Coach! To what extent do you think Nike can overcome the stereotype that eco friendly products are lower quality than traditional products ( a theme that came up in our Nike case)?

Awesome article! I wonder if club med’s business model is inherently environmentally unfriendly, as they encourage people to fly to far off destinations (which uses fuel). Maybe they can incentivize people to fly shorter distances, e.g. by discounting local destinations vs farther ones

On November 7, 2016, Pasha commented on IT’S TIME TO PLAY BY THE RULES :

Are there any alternative materials in dolls like Barbie that have proven effective and consumer friendly? In other words is there a set of materials that Mattel could conceivably replace plastics with or are they going to have to invent this new material? If it’s the latter, the prospects don’t look too good, especially as material science is likely outside of Mattel’s wheelhouse…

Awesome post! What factors do you think have led the European carriers to be ahead of American players like JetBlue? Is it regulations, social pressure, or something else?