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On November 20, 2016, Ozi commented on Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Medicine? :

Great Article. AI exhibits a striking paradox in it’s promise to drastically improve our lives, whilst raising troubling concerns for replacing humans in various knowledge-based roles. Curious to know if MSKCC has any prediction on the future of AI in healthcare?

Great Article. It appears TiO has been very nimble in adapting to new technologies over the years. How does TiO view its role/position in an increasingly smart-phone enabled/accessible world, where consumers can access most of the non-cash services provided by TiO?

On November 20, 2016, Ozi commented on Will Telemedicine Re-shape Our Healthcare Industry? :

Great Article. Telemedicine presents a massive opportunity to extend the reach of certain types of medical care to remote locations in developed and underdeveloped markets. Curious to know if Augmented Reality technology has a role to play in helping improve the quality of care delivered by doctors remotely?

On November 20, 2016, Ozi commented on Hello, “Hello Tractor”! :

Great Article. Got to meet the impressive team behind Hello Tractor sometime last year in Nigeria. Their solution has far-reaching net-positive implications for on farming practices and yields in the local Agric sector.

Great Article. We’ve seen some controversies erupt in companies spearheading the use of block-chain tech in financial services e.g. Mt. Gox. Curious to know if there are any similar or related vulnerabilities which may exist for the Chain Core?

Great Article. California happens to be a major food producing state in the U.S. Would there happen to be any research that also addresses water usage practices in the cultivation and procession of other major crops within the state?

Great Article. Happy to see MoFa is actively combating the effects of changing weather patterns on crop yields. In addition to your recommendations on soil and water management techniques, I would also like to see programs targeted at managing fertilizer usage which has also been identified as a culprit in increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Great Article. I hadn’t quite thought of the link between climate change and the spread of previously “contained” infectious disease. I happened to be in Nigeria during the last Ebola outbreak. The response of local and international public health officials was instrumental in containing its spread. However, I would like to see an open grassroots discourse aimed at stemming similar outbreaks by cultivating sustainable farming practices. Whilst not a typical medical solution, this could serve to further insulate our local and global communities from increased outbreaks by providing a “first-line of defense”, in the form of improved farming practices.

On November 7, 2016, Ozi commented on From Chocolate Ice Cream to Deforestation in Borneo :

Great Article. For agri-businesses like Wilmar, any thorough attempt to combat emissions or deforestation needs to actively engage and educate Farmers in the Supply Chain. One particularly forward-thinking competitor is Olam International, a Nigerian-based agri-business who has launched programs aimed at educating it’s supplier and logistics providers on specific measures for reducing emissions and deforestation.

On November 7, 2016, Ozi commented on Venice: Keeping The ‘Floating City’ Afloat—For Now :

Great Article. Would I be correct in assuming the expansion in scope of the MOSE, and consequent spiraling costs, is an attempt to address the acceleration in sea-level increases vs. initial forecasts? If so, how are residents responding to the growing threat? Have there been any alternative proposals to address any further unanticipated forecasts in the future?