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Given the points outlined above, I agree with Apple’s stated short and medium term action plans. The only thing I would add is that perhaps Apple might take a page out of Samsung’s book and communicate to the government that it’s launching a PR/community campaign centered on “Make for India” (http://www.samsung.com/in/makeforindia/) where it will partner with Indian communities to provide technology & skill development with the hopes that the goodwill gesture might help strengthen their lobbying efforts.

On November 29, 2017, OhianiD commented on Nissan after Brexit: Driving Manufacturing out of the UK? :

Very interesting read! I think Nissan should also join together with other automobile makers (who I would assume are facing similar issues) to step up the pressure on the UK government. Together, they will hopefully be able to use their collective influence to either lobby for funds to attract/develop suppliers or to lobby for favorable trade agreements. Or, perhaps, Nissan can use this as an opportunity to make a strategic entrance into a different EU market/country and set themselves up for future, long-term growth.

On November 29, 2017, OhianiD commented on The Emergence of Off the Grid Agriculture :

Fascinating idea/company – thanks for bringing this to our attention. In what is hopefully a turning of the tide on the Egyptian government’s resistance to solar technologies, GE recently announced that it will be installing the first utility-scale solar power facility in Egypt (link below). Although GE is providing the financing and equipment for this project, hopefully the existence of this project is a signal that the government is supportive of investment in solar technologies and could some day invest in companies like Karmsolar or, at the very least, help them secure outside funding.


On November 29, 2017, OhianiD commented on Beauty Inspired by Nature: Can The Body Shop Continue to Deliver? :

Really interesting article! I appreciate the point you raise about the Body Shop partnering with other cosmetics companies to have a greater impact. And, even further than just partnering to develop environmental criteria for sustainable sourcing, I wonder if there is a state of the world where this type of industry-wide collaborative could go a step further and actually provide suppliers with a portion or all of the funds needed to address the sustainability concerns? Or, perhaps the companies could partner with NGOs and/or governments to serve the same purpose by providing grants and/or subsidies? Regardless, I think the general combination of companies not only holding themselves to environmentally-based supply chain criteria but also actually helping their suppliers achieve these standards is a powerful one that has the potential to truly catalyze widespread change.

On November 26, 2017, OhianiD commented on Coca-Cola’s Vending Machines Get Smart :

I agree with others that facial recognition is the developing technology that most concerns me. Though I personally think it is excessive and could receive significant consumer pushback, perhaps the right messaging and a smart implementation/launch plan could help mitigate such concerns. I am also curious how, if at all, the machine’s dynamic pricing control will affect vendor compensation and, consequently, Coca-Cola’s relationship with the vendors; they could potentially be hesitant to adopt these new machines.

On November 25, 2017, OhianiD commented on Bringing Mortgages into the 21st Century :

I’m intrigued by the premise of digitizing the notary process but I worry that consumer adoption might be hindered by concerns about safety and security particularly around how to safely transmit and remotely share sensitive documents. And, as I think about more general uses for this new technology, I also worry that differences in web authorization by state could cause issues for consumers engaging in cross-state transactions such as the transfer of a car title from one person to another. However, given the volume of documents notarized each year, the potential for transformative change is huge so I look forward to seeing how firms like Notarize and others continue to innovate.

On November 25, 2017, OhianiD commented on Bringing Mortgages into the 21st Century :

Very informative article. I’m intrigued by the