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On December 13, 2015, Nkem Oghedo commented on IKEA: The Many People Retailer :

Great post, Scott! It’s interesting that designers are given a final product price point to keep in mind as they make their designs. I imagine that this restricts their process, but I wonder how much leeway they have with this. I’m reminded of the NIC + ZOE case — who runs the show in the IKEA design studio, designers or someone else? As a Swedish company where furniture design emphasizes functionality and beauty, I wonder how they balance these two priorities.

Awesome post, Amanda! I definitely did not know how much Method really invests in sustainability. I was particularly struck by the 20 hours of paid community service it provides each employee. Throughout this semester, the importance of investing in human capital and aligning your workforce has become apparent in nearly all of our courses. From the employee-driven culture at Mod Pizza to the self-managed teams at C&S grocers, it’s evident that well-aligned employees drive a firm’s success. It’s awesome that Method truly empowers its workforce to take part in the company’s vision.

On December 13, 2015, Nkem Oghedo commented on L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Etoile: Michelin stars made effective :

Great post, Silvan! I’m impressed that Robuchon is able to maintain this level of service, quality and reputation throughout his many locations. However, I wonder how this business model may directly compete with the Michelin-star experience some diners might expect. I can imagine that a “fast” meal with some dishes even being pre-prepared might dissuade some fine diners from coming here. For someone paying top dollar for a fancy meal, they might prefer the slower, made-to-order service. You make a good point, however, that business travelers tend to be the main audience. That insight reminded me of Benihana — although this restaurant chain was far from Michelln-starred, it did also serve the high-end business traveler. Aggressive growth took a toll on Benihana’s quality image. I hope Robuchon doesn’t face the same fate!