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On December 14, 2015, Nino commented on Netflix: Finding the Next Hit Business Model :

Very cool post. I’m curious about how Netflix’s success may lead to a snowball effect in the entertainment industry – has their success with in-house content led them to develop better capabilities? Further than that, has it made them more attractive for some of the best actors and writers to take part in a Netflix show (vs traditional prime-time TV)? Their adaptability is impressive, and I have noticed a suprising uptick in strong content ever since they succeeded with House of Cards.

On December 14, 2015, Nino commented on Trader Joe’s :

Great work Sofia – I’ve also been really impressed with Trader Joe’s, largely because there is no similar model in Canada. It makes me wonder how they can scale this business to new, international markets (assuming they believe there is a demand). With Trader Joe’s heavy emphasis on private label, I’m curious as to what the appropriate model is to expand internationally; would a slow approach of building a few test stores work, or do the private label orders require such volume that a large group of stores would need to be built at once in one city to make the logistics and economics feasible?

On December 14, 2015, Nino commented on Chipotle Mexican Grill – The creation of “Fast-Casual” :

Great example Jay – I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on their ability to use this operating model as a point of differentiation as competition heats up in the fast casual space. It’s amazing how well linked the Chipotle operating model is to its business model, and how that allowed them to distance themselves from McDonald’s and Co, but makes me wonder how they can stay differentiated when so many of the new fast-casual chains will follow the same route.