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Thanks for the interesting article! I would be interested in knowing who are the partners of New Story to fund the homes. $4000 could still be beyond a homeless person’s reach, specially given their lack of access to borrowing. Would these homes be designed for more rural or urban areas? I agree with some of the comments above, that we would have to factor in the cost of land, specially in urban areas.

On November 14, 2018, MVA commented on Additive Manufacturing at GE Aviation :

Thanks for the interesting article Carlos! I agree with your concern of competitor response, and my question would be whether being the leader in additive manufacturing in aviation can actually be an advantage or disadvantage for GE. Being a pioneer can bring many first mover advantages, but it can also mean that GE is taking on all the initial high costs and essentially paving the way for when competitors decide to copy, without the high initial experimentation costs. As one of the comments above, I would also be concerned of bringing 3D printing specifically to aviation, given the high risk of falling short on safety, and would like to evaluate if GE should focus its additive manufacturing efforts on other industries first.

On November 14, 2018, MVA commented on Burberry: Digitizing Luxury Retail with Machine Learning :

Thanks for the interesting article Charlotte! Regarding your question, I agree with some of the comments above that Burberry should continue to develop its machine learning capabilities in-house. Given the data and knowledge they have of their customers, they are in the best position to tailor to their specific needs, and in the competitive industry they are at, they need unique sources of comparative advantage.
One of my concerns if Burberry continues to move to machine-learning for customer interaction is whether it will start losing its luxury appeal? In a more and more digitilized world, personal interactions can become more valuable. People who buy luxury brands are also buying into the experience, and receiving impersonal messages might deter from this.

On November 14, 2018, MVA commented on Who Defines Beauty: Humans or Meitu? :

Great article Irene! This is definitely a very relevant topic in today’s world. I agree with you that beauty should be an individual choice, my only concern is that by using machine learning, some generalized concepts of beauty could be imposed on impressionable young women (and men). By having a standardized ‘auto-beautification’, even if it is tailored to specific cultures, it could still be damaging people’s self-esteem that do not relate with those standards. Given those effects, do you think there should be some regulation or something should be done?

On November 14, 2018, MVA commented on San José Tackles Open Innovation for Smart Cities :

Thank you for a great article Nancy! I think this is a very interesting topic, and I enjoyed learning about the initiatives San Jose is implementing. A question that came to me was whether using open innovation to shape this smart city works only in a place like Silicon Valley, that is a hub for so many start-ups and tech companies or could it be replicated elsewhere. Do you think a more top-down approach would be better in less tech-focused cities to help prioritize the development?

Thank you for the interesting article Ali! I remembered using Soundcloud in the past but also felt it had lost its advantage against other competitors in the industry. I found it interesting that the integration with Instagram came from sourcing consumer’s concerns, but I also agree with you that some of these advantages could be easily replicated by the competitors. I would be curious to see if relying in open innovation is the correct approach to ensure the survival of Soundcloud, given that its consumer base is reducing so essentially its source for open innovation is also been diminished.