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On November 20, 2016, MTS commented on Transferwise: No kiosks needed :

Interesting stuff.. any idea how blockchain/bitcoin changed the landscape for transferring money across borders? I would love to see the day where friction-less payments and currency transfers happen. I like the mid market and no fee structure I think this is a genius way to work around local transaction rules. Do you use this product frequently? Have you used any black market currency exchanges in your travels and if so how do the prices compare?

On November 20, 2016, MTS commented on Baseball’s Big Data Revolution :

Teddy, how has big data impacted fan experience in the ballpark? Have you seen any on demand applications to live track at games? I understand the overall level of play should be increasing as teams improve their playing ability but wonder how the fans can begin to actually see these changes in real time (augmented reality? better in game heat maps for field position?). Do you have any information on league rules and regulation for data collection and distribution?

On November 20, 2016, MTS commented on Politics in India: The Social Media Elections :

Divyang, great work. What do you think about the quality of content that is being delivered. The ease of access has given a voice to the masses but at the same time weakened the effectiveness of traditional media. What do you think are the long term implications of this shift? Who benefits? What are the costs?

Great post Spencer, I wonder about user experience with fitness trackers. I currently use a product and it seems that battery life and connectivity are major issues that the company needs to resolve. Its a pretty interesting conundrum that to charge the products you have to take them off and thereby lose the ability to collect data while it is charging. Have you come across anything else on the technological side that the company is doing to enhance the user experience?

Jules, interesting post here. The link in footnote 5 brings up an interesting question about morality and laws of Human/robot interaction. Do you believe that these laws will be more easily accepted in certain cultures/societies over others? Have you seen any work on cost reduction in supply chain as a result of self driving vehicles?

On November 7, 2016, MTS commented on The Big Blue Goes Green :

Gregorio – interesting stuff. Do you believe that the government should be further regulating and monitoring SLB’s progress? The “lean and green” initiative sounds creative. What was the employee response to the program? Did people seem to buy in or view the programs as an annoyance that interrupted their day to day productivity? Let’s chat more when you have a minute.

On November 7, 2016, MTS commented on Coca-Cola Goes Green :

Well done – the water initiatives seem interesting. Do you believe that the company is headed towards ‘sustainability’? I cant help but think back to our IKEA discussion here. Anything on transportation/logistics management to reduce the carbon footprint. For a company of this size I think you point to some good steps towards reducing waste and pushing towards sustainability.. in your opinion could (or should?) they be more aggressive with the timeline for their initiatives? Would love to discuss your research more at some point

On November 7, 2016, MTS commented on Hydrogen Hugs (aka Nuclear Fusion) :

Jules, great read. Given we are still in the early stages of development do you think that the group of billionaire investors mixed with gov’t funds will be sustainable? The binary nature of outcomes is interesting and reminds me of the very early stages of Biotech. It seems strange that they shut down the MIT reactor after a successful trial. Are there other potential negatives from creating energy this way? Would love to hear more.

On November 7, 2016, MTS commented on Climate Change in Tennis :

This post really made me think – thank you. I wonder if players will begin to use more HR monitoring to provide concrete data on performance during games. I think about what some other companies are doing in the space and I would love to see if temperature changes impact some players more than others – eg is Rafael Nadal unbeatable under 70F, 50% between 70-90F and <10% in 90F plus. I read recently that the average age of tournament winners is increasing (do you think they play better in the heat?). Check out this post from fivethirtyeight..

On November 7, 2016, MTS commented on Climate Change: Edging the UK towards its last letter? :

Great post – very well done. I wonder the role that climate change will play in the future of the company given its transition into private ownership. How is management’s track record in the past 5 years compared to the previous 499 years of public ownership? You highlight some good measures that mgmt has taken to link incentives (bonuses) to reduction in costs. I think an effort to get the cost down at the individual employee level shows focus and dedication (did this come about following a comprehensive TDABC analysis?). Excited to follow this story in the future.