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On November 19, 2016, MK commented on Just Like Derek Zoolander, UPS Drivers Can’t Turn Left :

It is impressive that UPS has invested in this technology since 2003. I agree with the author that since drivers will become more dependent on ORION, the company needs to ensure that ORION will be perfect. Going forward, drivers will not memorize maps and make ad-hoc optimized decisions. Thus, the company needs to ensure that the system will leave no room/variability by human intervention, which could require a huge investment by the company.

I agree that more responsible media needs to be provided to the public, and agree with the author that there are things NYT could do towards responsible journalism. A bigger issue, however, could be that the public is agnostic of “established” media, and may view what NYT does as somewhat biased/in their own interest. Since technology has democratized information, it may be difficult to back track the trust that established media has lost, which is another root cause of consumption of “unresponsible” media.

Whole Foods is headed in the right direction to attract millenial customers, who will be the basis of consumption. One difficulty all online retailers have to address is confining shopping to searches only; online retailers need to find a way to recreate the experience of walking down the grocery isles and buying something that catches the eye online.

On November 19, 2016, MK commented on Under Armour: The Next Big Tech Company? :

Under Armour seems to be doing the right thing in being the first mover in innovating the wearables landscape. I agree with the vision of the company, but one concern is their financial strength; the direction they are heading does require significant investment. I wonder if it would make sense to partner with large companies that have an edge in data analytics.

On November 19, 2016, MK commented on 3Derm: A Dermatology Triage System :

Telemedicine is definitely a field that technology could create value to consumers in healthcare. In terms of adoption of this service, one critical component would be to alter consumer behavior so that consumers will make immediate dermatology visit to their PCP, which I assume is not common behavior at the moment.

On November 6, 2016, Mizuho commented on Plant-Based Burgers – A Big Missed Steak? :

I agree that the company could have a larger impact if they sought developing markets in terms of meat consumption.
Since these nations are currently at the stage of developing meat consumption behavior, it could be beneficial for Beyond Meat to be an early entrant and establish consumption behavior toward plant-based protein.

On November 6, 2016, Mizuho commented on Nutreco: Feeding the Future :

Nutreco could perhaps venture into the areas of ecofeed, animal feed produced from recycled food waste.

ACM has an interesting model which tries to capitalize on the environmental changes brought on by climate change.
I wonder, since climate change does impact water supply, if there will be continuous supply of water rights for the company to capitalize on in the longer term.

On November 6, 2016, Mizuho commented on Mud Skiing: Vail’s Race to save its Winter Sports Business :

Another initiative the resort could take may be to recycle the wood that they cut to create ski courses to lodges and other wooden artwork.

On November 5, 2016, Mizuho commented on A Melting World: Ben & Jerry’s in the Age of Climate Change :

I found this post interesting in a sense that BJ’s inherently benefits from global warming because people will eat more ice cream.
While BJ’s seems to be taking action in the advocacy area for climate change, perhaps they could take action themselves. For example, would it make sense for the company to be involved in cocoa restoration projects in Africa?