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On December 14, 2015, me & my Arrow commented on Invisalign – When IP Isn’t Enough :

Great post. I particularly like their move to partner with 3D systems and maybe that was the only choice to control costs.

I have a similar question with Maggie in that I am curious about how Invisalign would protect its IP – what specifically is it protecting: the modeling facility that “maps” teeth movement, the 3D manufacturing facility of Invisalign, or something more specific?

Also, suppose the next 2-week retainer is too aggressive for the patient (i.e. the retainer based on a shape that overestimated the shift of patient’s teeth). What would the orthodontist do with that retainer, and would he or she require the patient to come back to the orthodontist for a special check up? I ask this because this could cost both the orthodontist time (seeing the patient), resources (throw out the retainer) and the patient money (seeing the orthodontist and paying for it). What operational, or sales, strategy has Invisalign employed to address this potential issue?


On December 14, 2015, me & my Arrow commented on RadioShack and its Operational Missteps :

Great choice of company and summary of misalignment.

Since you mentioned Amazon and eBay with lower costs leading to lower prices, I wonder if you can comment on Best Buy’s business model and how RadioShack’s business model – specifically sticking with retail stores – may or may not different from each other. At least Best Buy has had positive cash flow 3 of the last 4 years, and most recently a health jump in net income.


On December 14, 2015, me & my Arrow commented on Chipotle: It’s not the burrito – it’s the operating model :


Excellent post answering all questions explicitly.

I am impressed with Chipotle’s high throughput rate, though I am curious to see if Chipotle believes that there is the problem with long queues during peak hours (lunch time)? I have lived in three different states over the last 5 years and have noticed the prohibitively long lines, which have actually caused me to select another restaurant for lunch, for which I have limited time. “Fast Casual” needs to be fast, and waiting 10 minutes in the line is not fast.

If it is a concern to Chipotle, how they intend to solve it?