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Great post about an interesting (and sometimes controversial) airline. As mentioned above, price tends to trump all other amenities in customers’ purchasing process. Will this trend last? Do you think Ryanair can continue to squeeze on amenities or will customers’ eventually develop an “enough is enough” mentality and switch to carriers with a more customer-centric mentality? Do you think Ryanair should more aggressively narrow its focus to the target demographics that are most likely to sacrifice amenities for low cost?

On December 5, 2015, Laura commented on Is Telsa’s Battery Turbo-Charged? :

Very interesting – enjoyed learning more about Tesla. As you mention, they’re undoubtedly a customer-centric company. They’re good at retaining customers, but I’m curious about their strategy for continuing to grow their customer base. They currently seem to offer a niche product available only through a small group of branded showrooms, but they have simultaneously generated a significant amount of consumer buzz. I wonder how they think about expanding, or if their strategy currently is to stay smaller and exclusive and generate hype as a result.

On December 5, 2015, Laura commented on Flatiron Health: Finding the Cure for Cancer :

Really enjoyed learning more about a valuable healthcare service – data aggregation and compilation is so critical to managing healthcare outcomes. The healthcare industry has a tendency sometimes to adopt technology more slowly than other industries, and some providers have pushed back against EMRs because of confidentiality concerns. How do you think Flatiron can effectively communicate the risk-reward tradeoff for those who may be more reticent adopters? How can they incent providers and health systems to “get on board”?