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On November 20, 2016, KS commented on Technology in Transit :

Great post! It’s interesting to see how far the transit system has come as far as technology. Mobil apps are very convenient not only for determining potential routes, but also giving live up to date information on train/bus status. I do think moving forward that the next step is to address maintenance and downtime. If every X days or hours a certain maintenance activity must occur, I think an app should be able to identify this downtime and communicate it to passengers. I look forward to seeing what improvement will come in the future.

Thank you for sharing. While i do think that this product is very smart and relevant, i’m hesitant about how the data will be used and perceived by customers. As a parent I think it’s great to be able to look up who else in the area may also have a fever, and if there happens to be a local outbreak, but do i want information about my child’s health to be out there for others to see? Moving forward i think one of the challenges is overcoming potential privacy issues.

On November 20, 2016, KS commented on Robotic surgery: revolution or gimmick? :

Thank you for sharing. I have personally witnessed multiple da Vinci procedures, and I do believe they are the way of the future. The technology improves the accuracy of the procedure. Da Vinci works because it is a combination of technology and physicians. During the procedure the physical is guiding the machine. I do believe that medical technology will one day result in only A.I. but i can’t stress enough the importance of having a physical human in the room. Also, I moving forward we should find a way to reduce the cost of improved technology like da Vinci. Yes the hospital takes the hit in terms of cost, but the results are priceless.

On November 20, 2016, KS commented on Omada: preventing diabetes through digital therapeutics :

Thanks for sharing! It’s always impressive to think about the impact that digital programs/apps/devices can have on health. I would be interested to know how of much of the weight loss results were due to the program or due to outside factors. Also, to address the impersonal feedback, perhaps the next phase could include customers describing their current status, what exactly they want to accomplish (results), and the based on an algorithm the program selects a plan that will meet the individuals target results.

On November 20, 2016, KS commented on Greetings from Hallmark :

Thanks for sharing! I think it’s unfortunate that the day of paper cards is going away. I know we live in a digital world, and e-cards are very convenient, but there is still a market for personal physical cards. I do hope that Hallmark moves in the direction of personalization. The company could really improve the product development by allowing online personal designs and then pushing them to print. Hallmark reminds me of other businesses that were once leaders in the market, but due to their delay in digital advancements, the companies lost profits.

Thank you for sharing this interesting topic. Often leaders must face internal conflict within their organizations. Do I acknowledge an issue that my believes/employees disagree with? I think that Pope Francis is leading the Catholic Church in a modern direction. Whether or not you believe in a certain religion, you can not escape the realities of what is going on in the world, particularly with climate change. My hope is that Pope Francis will use his position of power to help make influential decisions to help bring awareness to and help fight against climate change.

Nice article! Thank you for sharing! This is a great example of a conflicting supply chain. You can either reduce the amount of fuel used by choosing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, thus resulting in an increased lead time and poor quality product, or you can choose a more practical mode of transport and have your product arrive fresh. So what’s the solution? I know chemical industries have products that help keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. I wonder if there is a safe chemical that can be applied to plants to help increase the lifespan.

On November 7, 2016, Karyn Smith commented on Hyatt: Environmental Sustainability in Hospitality Industry :

Great article! There are many ways Hyatt can help improve sustainability. One way you mentioned is to reduce energy consumption. A sector of Dow chemical produces product that either directly or indirectly help reduce energy consumption by utilizing self generated electricity. For example, Hyatt could install solar panels on the roofs along with energy generating wind mills. In addition, certain types of insulation can help keep cool air inside in order to reduce the use of air conditioners.

On November 7, 2016, Karyn Smith commented on A Melting World: Ben & Jerry’s in the Age of Climate Change :

Nice job with the article! I would like to provide some insight to how Ben and Jerry’s could improve their support for sustainability. In my opinion, Ben and Jerry’s has jumped on the media band wagon to stop using GMO’s in some of their products. The company claims that since they are not scientists, they can’t say if GMO’s are good or bad. never the less Ben and Jerry’s proudly promotes it’s ice cream as non-GMO. My push back is that GMO’s help crops fight against the harsh nature of climate change; for example crops can resist extreme heat and drought. GMO’s –> increased yield –> Ben and Jerry’s supply chain is not disrupted –> ice cream is produced –> consumers are happy!


On November 7, 2016, Karyn Smith commented on Can the Miracles of Science(TM) Deliver Another Miracle? :

Thank you ASAP for sharing your perspective about DuPont’s actions towards sustainability. One thing that DuPont will have to identify is how to move forward with its sustainability initiates as the company merges with Dow Chemical. Both companies are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint while also increasing food supply. As the companies identify synergies, I hope that they will identify the best way to continue to strive towards sustainability and leverage learnings. As a primary seed supplier, I’m excited to see what new innovations DuPont will release in the coming years. I’m also interested to see how the combined and eventually independent companies will make their mark.