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On December 9, 2015, John D. Basilone commented on Soulcycle: Intense Brand Loyalty :

This seems like a successful integration of the operating model supporting the business model. The investments that the firm has made are clearly focused on building brand loyalty and producing an engaging and enjoyable consumer experience while promoting good health. As the firm grows, do you believe that it will be able to a) capture market share in new markets with existing competitors; b) ensure quality over quantity in its “Soul University” training program; and c) not be replicated? Great post – thanks for sharing this.

On December 9, 2015, John D. Basilone commented on Off-Grid Electric’s Mobile Power :

OGE’s mission is fantastic – sustainability, ease of use, and access in areas that need it. Regarding the operations model, does 18 hours of customer support really accomplish the mission of access and ease of use, when it only covers 75% of the day (in the event of an emergency)? Additionally, this model depends greatly on the consumer’s access to mobile payments, which may be more difficult to access in rural settings in emerging markets. If the market research supports the fact that consumers in these areas (in Tanzania) have access to mobile payment methods, and often do not use electricity for the same 8 hours a day that there is not technical support, these points are not valid. The challenge could be offering this service in countries that do not meet those conditions and OGE expanding beyond Tanzania.

On December 9, 2015, John D. Basilone commented on Harley-Davidson: Being Bad Can Be So, So Good :

I can think of very few examples where a brand is synonymous for its product, but Harley has clearly captured market recognition for not only enthusiasts but also those who are outside of the market of potential buyers. With a focus on eliminating waste and lean manufacturing, one can have an extremely optimistic outlook for the company. Recent advertising has included younger actors and actors of different races, trying to reach out to a broader population. With an observable focus toward the future generation of Harley owners, is the company’s model sustainable in terms of expected production, or could it decline as safety becomes more of an issue and people spend more times as passengers rather than owners of personal modes of transportation?

*Safety note is not indicative of the Harley/motorcycle owners’ capabilities, but rather general traffic conditions.